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My past and present

Going to BAYU showcase last night, and I am reminding my high school year, meet up and gathers with the high school band.

what make me more saddest, after the accident 9 years ago, I can't play piano very well already. :( And of course I remember my partner in crime Iza for study and remember all the keys for drums since I like drum much more better than the guitar. But I like to see people who play guitar well although I can't play it well but I like it.

To express something that I really not used to it, only by listening to music, hardcore music sometimes, my cliche never end poem and so on so fort. so many things I have learnt this time. are from the countryside, my own hometown, travelling as a student here in Sarawak teach so many things, maybe I could put it as an main entry for next post. And of course High school were the best memory ever.

p/s: Za if you read this, did you still remember our past time? learning and remembering all the notes drum instead of biology and…

To everyone.

Been hiatus for some quite time.

Busy with assignment, endless classes, quiz, examination and some activity college. Due to this kind of busyness, i recieved some emails and message from anymously regarding their thoughts and feeling. and I have read through some of bio description about someone having difficulty about their feelings and so on so fort.

There's stranger on Sarahah and asking me a Question, how I can live happily despite the endless busy life I have.

So this is my answer. It depends on how we manage the problem and our schedule. You might saw me happy go lucky person, but deep inside my heart I have tons of problem. Since I am at home but not in my own home, the homesickness is sucks me. I have to cry everyday before I'm sleep. Scare enough if get calls from hometown. And hoping when received the calls it bring some happy news instead of bad news.

About heart matter,
I do have some heart matter. I mean lovey-dovey problem, fami…

Define Beauty

This is a short entry I guess. 🙇🏻‍♀️
To you, how you define beauty of someone? 
Typical Malaysian consider beautiful people, handsome and 'Merecik Hawau' only in fair white skinn while the one who have tanned skin is not beautiful at all. 
To be honest, even the fair white skin lady who has lot of pimple in the face they also call them beauty. *I know this kind of girl still looking for solution for their face*. Not included the one who will wear an 5 inch make-up everyday. 
How you can define beauty by looking at the physical look? While the inner beauty is more more purest and beautiful things need to look at the first place. 
For me, this type of tanned skin woman, man has their own attraction. But hell yeah, not all Malaysian can accept the tanned skin woman/man. Because the narrowed minded has stated that the most beautiful, handsome man/woman is the one who have a kind of fair white skin. And of course the flawless one. 
To all the tanned skin man/wo…

New Journey


Its been very long Long time for me to update some post here. I am busy preparing myself on the other day before departing to 'Bumi Kenyalang'. It such a hectic week, hectic month but here I am still struggling with tiredness, beauty sleep and study. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Throwing back to 4th Sept 2017,
My very first time apart from my family. The tears don't stop for the whole day. As I hug and gave 'Salaam' to my parents, my tears start falling down. The fact that they can't come with me, or even sent me to Kuching all they can do is just sent me to the airports' gate, and that make me cry so hard. I cry so much just like a kid who just lost their candy. 🙁

Along the way to the Airplane, I keep wiping my unstoppable tear, I just can't stand watching both mommy and daddy crying while waving at me before departing. It just few minute while waiting the aircraft, I miss the home already, I miss my mommy and daddys' voice I miss to see the …



selepas, tenangkan fikiran, susun semula idea-idea cliche,
finally, boleh taip sesuatu di blog yang mungkin inshaAllah bukanlah sesuatu omongan kosong.

Bila mana kita berbicara soal percaya, yakni TRUST.
kita soal balik diri kita yang terkadang jatuh tersungkur, yang kadang sombong mendabik dada.

Bila mana, kita persoalkan kepercayaan kita terhadap Illahi atas tiap satu yang dia berikan kepada kita.


i do believe with this phrase,

"Percayalah pada Tuhan,
Tuhan tidak akan memisahkan sesuatu yang telah ditakdirkan untuk bersama."

sweet bukan?

Dalam konteks Jodoh, terpisahlah sekalipun antara dua benua, If Allah wills, she/he still be yours.

Ingat kisah Nabi Adam dan Hawa? dibuang dari Syurga Allah dan terpisah. Tapi dengan Izin Allah mereka dipertemukan kembali.

Dalam konteks Rezeki, genggam lah erat macam mana sekalipun. hold it tight till the very end, jika bukan milik kita ya, dia akan terlepas seperti mana terlepasnya debunga bila di …



Hey, after been through those hard time, those uneasy feeling. and so on.

Finally I can take a deep breath. and have a good night sleep. Because waiting is over. Waiting for UPU is over. Even though I am not accepted by the university that I really want, but hey I am so grateful at least I can continue my study into programme that I like much.

I got UNIMAS for:

This such a big news for me. I never thought I could grab this chance to be what I want to be in future.

Your warm wishes and pray I am very appreciated. may Allah bless you gaiss, my lovely readers xoxo.

However, congratulation to those who got accepted into any UA in Malaysia.
Our hardwork are pay now. This is super incredible thing for us. Wonderful feeling ever. Because STPM leavers know very well those hard time we have been through in 3 semester plus with repeat paper and endless assignment. May those experience be useful in university lat…



Toughiest week ever.  This nervous was so endless.  I am so desperately can't get enough sleep because of this endless nervous. 
Today is 31st July, the end of July month, end of my month. However remembering less than 3 days the upu result come out, makes me feel so so so terrible. Yeap, this never happen to me before, except for everytime I have to take my result. 
My heart beating so fast, and I do really need reliever. I am so so pretty having pain in my chest because of my heart beating so fast. 
Do pray for me my lovely readers. "Wani accept to any UA" Ameen. 
'Dear heart, stay calm, everything would be fine.'
With endless nervous, Smoochie 

Count down time!


Again back and share the thoughts that have been stuck in my mind for few days.
Well, count down time what I really mean is,

"Hebahan keputusan UPU bagi lepasan STPM/SETARAF"


Have to admit it. It scare me and of course haunt me everytime.
To-admit, my heart beat so fast and I just don't know how to handle it anymore.

I have read some articles on internet,
it says that

If we have something that disturbing our mind, or we have been nervous for taking an exam or because of something, one of the way to cure is jot down everything inside a paper.

however, I am not to jot down into a piece of paper. But I pour everything inside my heart into this super cutie blog ever.

The real-main-point- here is,

I am desperately need pray from all of my lovely readers, so I can go to university.
The last thing I really want in my life after going to Mekah.

Due to the countdown it is less than 4 days to go. because the result can check at UPU website on 3rd A…

Its Time


Tick Tock,
and the clock is ticking.

I have nothing to share actually, but this kind of thing just come across my mind. Where I do not know really why do I have to think about this.

Where, we put an hope onto something that we really don't know where the end of it.
putting some hope that absolutely nobody can guarantee the percentage of getting something that not written to be mine.

And I guess its time for me to walk away and move on. Move on from those kind of memory that haunts me every night. Haunts me every time even a every second.

Those words that hurts me haunt me even when I am want to take a bath. And yess! It is so annoyed me. -EVERYTIME-

Now I do pray and keep asking The Almighty that do not let my heart get attached to what's not mine.

Its time to stop everything. And keep moving on. Forget everything that bring painful memories and harsh word that might broke my heart into a pieces.

I do really hope.
I really want it.
I desperately want …

Happy Birthday


So, I am turning 20 official today.
23071997-23072017 ♥️

I received too many wishes from everyone and it feels so blessed.

So Highlight for today,

I woke up in a early morning and listen to happy birthday song from my Queen lady. which is my super wonderful woman in the earth my lovely mother.
this is the blessing moment ever. My mother is everything for me. 🦋❤️💖

and now I am turning 20, and I wish for myself to being happy go lucky as always and cheering people surround me. I don't need big party, or any suprise party, gift or sweet wish. 🎊🎉

All I want is, people surround me being happy and remind me in their dua's. I do not know how to describe all this blessed feeling. because I don't know how to express my feeling because of having them who always pray for me. It was an greatest gift ever. Greatest than anything. Because this kind of people, is gift from the Almighty for me.

No matter what, I am so so so so blessed enough. I love to the mo…

Miss You

Hey Gaiss,  How are you?  So today, I can tell everyone I am official ex-galpam student! Wehee. This is because I already take my 'Sijil Tamat Sekolah' weheee. 🦋 
And I am the last one who pick result, and Sijil Tamat Sekolah in my class. So lame. 3 months accurately baru datang ambik. Sebab well busy kat kl, raya baru reti nak pulang kampung 😌
Walaupun nda dapat jumpa another 2 of my buddy, but I am so blessed enough with my best buddy. Well said, even though tak dapat jumpa, still manage to contact each other through whatsapp video call. And That's what I like, That's what I like. 
I guess thats all for today sharing, till we meet next entry my lovely readers 💕
I thought I want to share the photo, but having problem with the internet connection. Maybe in next entry? 
Lahve, Smoochie 


Hai gaiss!
Smoochi ada masa terluang nak kongsi dengan korang, so saja nak bual kosong.  Smoochie nak tanya korang, adil ka tak adil untuk someone claim filter vsco tu dia yang punya sorang? 
Smoochie ni sejenis yg vsco person, and yes most of my picture edit pakai Lightroom baru guna Vsco. 
But someone cemburu buta cakap Smoochie ni ikut-ikut dia, padahal Smoochie ni duluan lagi pakai Vsco, tukar phone yang lebih canggih dari dia and of course most of my picture kat Ig memang guna Vsco, 
Tiba-tiba dia marah Smoochie sebab ikut-ikut dia guna filter yang sama. Padahal dia baru ja dengan Ig. Plus dia dulu pun selalu upload gambar black and White so kenapa pulak dia nak claim filter yang smoochie guna filter dia? 
Alahai tak matang langsung kan? Sebab Semua orang guna Vsco so dia tak boleh lah claim any filters as all of the filters is own by her. 
Satu je, Smoochie nak cakap Busuknya hati kau 😪
Sebab dia ni spesies yang apa Smoochie buat dia nak ikut, but Smoochie tak …

Eid Mubarak.


Hey guys! Assalamualaikum and salam lebaran.

Its not too late yet to wish all muslim around the world,

Happy Eid Mubarak.

Well, take care of your health, do not eat too much and control your nafsu weh.

Jangan Syaiton dah keluar, korang pun nak ikut nafsu dan syaiton sekali beraya sakan. wehe.

It is a friendly reminder, for you guys and of course for myself.

Despite my busy day during Eid Mubarak, it was super hectic with super tired and super duper extravaganza energy fully used.

Well, too much guests, too much house yang perlu di ziarahi, but Alhamdulillah, we managed to layan semua orang, and ziarah semua rumah.

Thank you for sudi datang rumah, lepak-lepak, cerita-cerita dan of course! gossiping each other complain and do house chores together.

I lahve you guyss.

After 20 years I celebrate Eid, this year were very meaningful Eid ever because, Family comes first.

Biasanya kalau raya, sis selalu keluar lepak dengan member. But this time, ALhamdulillah. Kami s…

Sweetie Cousin

28 Ramadhan 2017,

Hey guys, wsupp?

I mean, Assalamualaikum and hello. How you guys?
We almost reach to the very end of Ramadhan. I am sure, you guys start to do house chores and prepare some cookies for Eid-dulfitri right?

However, we still have the last chance for seeking Lailatul Qadr. May Allah ease gais!

So it was yesterday,

My cousin and I were going to Iftar for the first time in forever. And guess what, it was fun and exciting.

We share the old memory, and lot of things. Since we already lost lost contact since form 5.
Yes, we are the lovely and sweetie cousin ever on earth (I guess) HAHA.

And it was our first Iftar together as a cousin after long long time. Because we never did this before.
Well, we all grown up now. We have our own dreams but we still have lot of things need to be achieved.

So, The photo's of yesterday I compile into a Video:

you guys can watch over here:

I guess, that's all for today bout the entry. We are lovely yet sweetie…

Missing em'

26 Ramadhan 2017.

This is the story 2 days ago...
I guess.

Well, last monday story.

We still keep in touch with my fellas kiddos K1,
after few months apart, separating in our ways.

Lot of things we share,
we missing each other.
And this is the picture, I compile into a video.
Lot of story,
And guess what,
They still remain unchanged!.
with their attitude, their way to annoyed peps, their way to making fun and joke.

And, the purpose, I upload in my own blog,
There's someone, who will stalk my Ig's profile, and claim my happiness through one picture/video of mine.

Like I  don't have my own matter.

Dear you, Stalker:

You cannot claim someone happiness through a single picture or a single video. Because behind their smile, they hiding thousand of tears, hundred of problems. And you just never know because you never ask.
me. the. potato.

Video made by: Smoochie, Song: Mengelamun by Lah Ahmad. Place: McD Activity: Iftar with kiddos K…

Halfway there ...

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim ...
25 Ramadan 2017

We almost, reach to the end of Ramadhan,
May we endowed the Lailatul Qadr,
the most blessful night.

So far,
how was you guys punya Ramadhan?
everything going well or what?

di sisa-sisa terakhir ramadhan ni,
teringat peristiwa,
When I was a kid...
gigih bangun sahur sampai the end of Ramadhan sebab eager nak dapat keberkatan pada waktu sahur tu, sampai makanan tu di tenung tajam tapi mulut tak bergerak pun. -HAHA-

Sampai mak cakap

"Tolak pakai air." [Nota: makan sambil minum]

So, ikut lah kan nasihat mak and end-up hasil dia, kenyang air.
Then balik-balik rasa nak ke toilet. Sebab, tangki pundi kencing asyik berisi.

Masa tu, tak terfikir pun fasa-fasa bulan ramadhan.

Fasa terakhir yang seringkali manusia terkejar-kejar nak dapatkan.

-Lailatul Qadr-

beruntunglah kepada mereka yang dapat bertemu dengan Lailatul Qadr.

Sangat beruntung.

Ada yang kata, probability tinggi Malam Lailatul Qadr jatuh pada 23 Ramadhan yang lepas.


hey pe…

When I was ...

8 Ramadan 2017

Zaman ramadan masa first time pakai tudung. It was in 2012, My very first time Wearing scarfs.

MashaAllah sangat tersiksa jiwa dan raga. Sebab ye lah, panas kannn puasa lagi, tekak kering berpeluh-peluh menahan dahaga dan lapar ni.

But I managed to handle it. And I felt like it was a very successful moment ever. Ain't?

Sebab just bertudung pergi sekolah, so bila jalan guna tudung time puasa lagi, memang agak tercabar jugak keimanan diri ni... Rasa nak buka balik tudung tu kuat sangat, tapi I remember mami cakap

"Once you used it, you can't take it off anymore"

So nahh, till today tudung melekat di kepala and I'm used to it and so comfy with it sebab benda dah biasa. Ini adalah hijrah yang palung membahagiakan saat itu. Sangat ❤

so, till we meet in next entry
Smoochie 👋

When I was ...


7 Ramadhan 2017

Teringat zaman masa kecik-kecik dulu, gigih puasa separuh hari bila masuk zohor ja terus melahap kalah orang yang tak pernah makan 😂😂😂

tapi ada satu tahun tu, kalau tak silap masa darjah satu sis di cabar oleh abang sepupu sepapat, mak ayah sis kena puasa penuh sahur sampai waktu berbuka, and I accept the challenged.


Kalau puasa penuh sebulan, sepupu sepapat akan bagi duit raya Rm50, mak ayah pun memasing akan bagi RM50
Pa lagi, sis pun semangat berkobar-kobar gigih nak puasa penuh sebab dapat RM50 tu weh siapa yang tak nak?

Masa zaman tu, mana kau ingat RM50 tu sikit.. Ye lah semua pun masih dalam tanggungan mak ayah kan? Kecik lagi... Kalau ye pun dapat RM50 dalam otak nak beli kudap-kudapan ja punn. Not more than that.


Duit raya sis, sis tak pernah merasa guna beli jajan ke atau keperluan lain. Sebab duit raya sis semua masuk dalam tabung haji...
Menyimpan untuk masa depan lah katakann..

So apa zaman throwback korang …


2nd Ramadhan 1438

Wajah yang sering aku rindu tidak pernah satu saat pun wajah ini hilang dari hatiku
duka ini memuja seluruh pelosok dunia
dan luka itu terpahat jauh entah ke mana...

aku sampai kehilangan akal sihatku
ingin membuatku tenggelam dengan kehancuran
sakit yang aku rasa sampaikan tak sanggup aku jalani...

patah sayap-sayap palsuku
aku mati dengan segenap nyawaku

dapatkah kamu dengar jerit hati ini?
tak banyak pintaku
cuma ingin sangat tahu
kenapa begitu senang
kalian melupakan aku ...?

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

1st Ramadhan.

here my first post of Ramadhan.
lately I am so lack with the ideas to update anything here. Busy with my business and busy with everything that haunts me everyday.

I wish to all the muslim around the world happy fasting and May Allah make it easy for us to perform our acts of worship sincerely and beautifully for His sake and may He accept it from all of us! Ameen.

stay tuned for my next entry.
lot of love,
Smoochie 😁

Never end.


Bicara soal masalah, dugaan dan segala yang berkait itu tidak pernah kita jumpa titik noktahnya.
Dia tetap ada dan terus ada sehingga akhir hayat.

bak kata Lenka dalam lagu Trouble is a friend.

Trouble is a friend no matter where you go.
pergilah ke bulan ke pluto ke mana sekalipun,

masalah dan dugaan itu tetap ada.
perihal apa pun masalah dan dugaan itu tetap ada.

It just between us, how we handle our problem.

semua orang ada masalah, yang menjadi perbezaan itu adalah bagaimana kita handle

Ada orang semua masalah dia akan bagitahu pada dunia (Nota: Post di media social) yang sebenarnya kita tidak tahu motif dia apa sebenarnya.

Ada orang masalah dia dia tidak tunjuk tapi simpan. Sebab bukanlah jalan penyelesaian bila post semua masalah di media social.

Sebab tu terdetik di hati kita,

"Bahagianya hidup dia"

Lebih-lebih lagi tengok gambar artis bercuti sana sini, happy ja. mesti kita akan cakap

"Happy ja dia ni."

But the truth is,

Dream Big


I'm back!

Everyone has a dream.
Dream that not everyone can achieved,
Not everyone can accept,
And we have to sacrifice lot of things in order to achieve what we want, to be successful like other people.

With the purpose that,

We want make our parents proud of us.
We want make everyone around us be happy go lucky.


Somebody told me that,

If we have a dream,
Dare to dream big.

Don't listen to people who loves back mouthing you,
You have to get up and listen to your own voice,
because the real instructor, the real motivator is the voice of yours.

His word, open my eyes, very widely.
Because, In order I want achieve whatever I want,
They laugh at me,
They cursing me,
They insulting me,
they did whatever they want in order to make me feel loss
and make me down forever.

But guess what,

I never listen to them,
Because I only listen to what can makes me a better version of myself.
I live not to improved people.
I want to do whatever I want too even…

Bad Temper

-Kadang berjaya dikawal, kadang tidak-
Yang di dahagakan sokongan, dan dorongan dari segenap dimensi agar diri ini mampu kawal masalah 'BAD TEMPER' ini.
Bukan dengan cara kamu memarahi, memerli, atau menegur secara kasar.
Know why?
Its not easy as we learn ABC it take times dan Of course kesabaran yang banyak.
Sebab melatih diri itu tidak semudah yang kau sangkakan for somebody like to change.
seperti kau, berapa tahun atau berapa lama masa kau ambil untuk buang sifat 'BAD TEMPER' yang pernah jadi darah daging kau?
Take times right? lama bukan? So does me,
Because I'm only a human being. There's no extraordinary bout me.
Smile, Smoochie.

Happy Birthday!


Sis tahu, masih awal untuk ucap happy birthday to my one and only coolest friend;


Mak Jemah dah capai umuq DUAPULUH ni.

Ucapan sis,

Moga terus jadi anak yang solehah, berbakti pada agama dan negara.
Semoga dengan bertambahnya Umur,
bertambah juga rezekinya,
bertambah juga amalannya,
Semoga mendapat jodoh yang baik-baik,
yang mampu membimbing dunia dan akhirat.

Semoga sentiasa gila, disamping rakan-rakan.
semoga sukses dunia akhirat.
Semoga panjang umur dan sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki oleh Illahi.

Dah panjang sangat dah ni ucapan Sis,
Selamat ulang tahun kelahiran yang KEDUAPULUH
Age is just a number. hikhikhik.

With Love,
Smoochie aka Wani.

Matter of Heart

I've read few question, such as;
> Sis pernah bercinta? > Sis pernah patah hati? > Sis pernah dikecewakan? and etc,
And my answer for you guys punya questions is "YES"
But it is happen around 2010-2011.
Well, Monkey lovey dovey, stupid crazy monkey lovey dovey,
Bila throwback dulu-dulu I was so stupid why I do involved to this kind of matter, Sebab banyak benda lagi yang nak di jadikan masalah selain daripada benda ni.
Masa tu, I was struggling for my Depression and anxiety, bullies and so on.
patah hati, sebab boyfriend monyet left without saying anything,  bila teringat balik euwww, disgusting, Having affair with my own bestfriend. 
Sakit dia tu lain macam. So relationship tu end around year 2011.  Menangis juga masa tu. Patah hati bagai nak rak rak patah. 
Belum campur tolak bahagi darab yang depression, anxiety, bullying mentally lagi tu. mental boleh dikatakan Koyak lah juga masa tu.
But, I sit back, I am looking what I am missing…



Senyuman itu indah, seindah mereka yang suka mengukirkan senyuman dan membuat orang sekelilingnya terjangkit sama untuk memberikan senyuman.
Mengapa perlu kita bermasam muka terhadap setiap masalah dan perkara yang kita hadapi,  sebab ada yang pernah mengatakan,
"Syukur kau itu tidak perlu berlagu, atau panjang hingga mampu dibuku     cukup dengan satu senyum untuk setiap satu yang dihadirkan Tuhan kau dan Aku."
sesusah apa pun masalah itu, berikan satu senyuman untuk membangkitkan diri daripada dibelenggu dengan Masalah.
There's a way to solve it. Just believe it.
"Allah Does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear"
Look forward and think easy.
mungkin Sis cakap saja senang, but hey!
I've been through various type of problem. But now look where I am?
I've survived. I start to smile to everything. Because I believed, this smile can hide thousands of Suffer, depress that I felt. And I know I don't have to show to …



Hari ni Sis nak bual-bual kosong saja. Bukan apa, tetiba rasa rindu kat kawan-kawan form 5 dan form 6. Banyak sangat memory yang nak rewind balik pahit dan manis.

Tapi bagi sis, yang pahit tak perlu telan. Susah nak hadam balik bila di ingat. sebab yang pahit ni buat kita derita, tapi yang pahit ni juga mematangkan kita.

Kalau yang manis-manis masam ni, boleh lah buat diri tersenyum macam kambing. bukan selalu.

So, below the video compilation all of activy through 1and half year. ><

antara kenangan yang sememangnya tidak pernah dilupakan. sangat-sangat bermakna. 
Terima kasih korang atas kenangan yang pahit dan manis, buat masa ini kamulah kenangan yang merajai ingatan ini tiap kali senja menyapa berbisik rindu padaku dalam diam. 
With lot of thoughts, Smoochie/Queeniela

Tutorial Edit Gambar.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, ni first time Smoochie buat tutorial. so take it easy guys. Banyak yang tanya macam mana nak buat macam gambar kat bawah ni:   1) First Step, Make sure you guys download apps "FOCUS N FILTER" DAN "PICS ART"
 Kalau Iphone user, Focus n Filter dia macam dalam gambar tu, kalau Android guna "NAME ART" for PICS ART both android and Apple store sama icon kay?
2) Once korang dah download 2 apps itu tadi, korang mula buat gambar korang dulu. Cara nak edit tu tgk gambar bawah ni:  kalau korang dah tekan butang "+" tu korang pilih gambar. once korang dah pilih gambar yang korang nak edit tu, korang cari feature "Magic" seperti dalam gambar di bawah ini:

Korang tekan yang "Magic" tu, then akan keluar macam-macam yang korang boleh guna. tapi Smoochie biasanya guna yang "Rainbow" seperti dalam gambar bawah ni. kalau korang nak guna yang lain pun boleh juga, ikut kesedapan mata korang lah.

3) Once dah pi…

Hijrah_3 (Never Easy.)


Ada dalam banyak-banyak perkara, perkara yang satu ini tidak pernah ku lupa sepanjang dalam proses -HIJRAH- ku.


Ada satu fasa, ketika diri teramatlah berperangai boyish hanya kerana satu benda yang berlaku di usia 7 tahun.

Sis merupakan antara manusia yang sudah terlalu peka dengan buli. Yes I am admit it, selalu kena buli masa umur 7-8 tahun around 2004-2005 masa tu masi kecil Don't know what to do, just follow the flow lagi masa tu.

Balik saja rumah lebam di mata jelas masih lagi menipu tidak mau bagitahu parents, but at last terpaksa bagitahu.

Report sama guru kelas report sama pengetua. Directly (Nota: Mama sis memang macam tu. tak puas dengan guru kelas jumpa pengetua terus.) And my daddy change me from weak woman to strong woman.

Slowly juga, perangai gegirl tu bertukar menjadi boyish because I hate boy so much.

Sebab boy yang membuli. Dia tumbuk mata sis macam sis ni seorang lelaki sesuai di bawa bertumbuk. As I grew up till lah umur 12…



Banyak hikmahnya kenapa nabi kita ajar dan menyeru kita umatnya agar jangan berlebih-lebih atau over sangat terhadap sesuatu

Ambil titik tengah.

Jangan slow sangat hingga sering ketinggalan dan terbelakang.
Jangan laju sangat tergopoh-gopoh hingga terbabas.

Kalau suka, jangan suka sangat mengatasi hadnya.
Kalau sedih, jangan bersedih-sedih hingga menderita putus asa.

Ada betulnya kata orang tua-tua...
'jangan dok suka sangat...pahni kang ada yang menangis pula...'
Maknanya apa?

Kena pandai kawal diri.
Tujuannya agar kita ada ruang untuk berfikir secara rasional,logikal,masuk dek akal,kena pada syariat dan peluang untuk muhasabah selalu.
Agar Allah punya tempat di mata, di akal, di lidah, di hati, di setiap ucapan dan lintasan pemikiran.

Bila Allah ada,
diri lebih terpelihara.
Lebih beradab dan kena pada cara.
Ambil titik tengah.
Kita takkan rugi ape.
With love, Smoochie

Hijrah _2


Hello fellas, this is the sequel for Hijrah previous entry.

Well, banyak yang comment minta sambung part tu, memandangkan Smoochie rajin, smoochie sambung.

But sorry guys, I did not publish your comment, but for sure I am reading all of the comment.


Bila masuk part yang dah faham betul-betul konsep aurat, mula lah pelan-pelan pakai baju tutup lengan, jalan berstockin. Pakai Inner bila guna tudung yang tipis, mula guna dan cintakan warna-warna gelap especially black. (Nota: black is my only favorite color before hijrah and after hijrah)
Mengelakkan rasa panas tu, guna tudung tebal-tebal. seluar longgar-longgar, hand sock pakai kalau pakai baju kurung. dah tak pakai tshirt lengan pendek lepas tu sarung handsock yang ketat sendat padat. Hah memang totally change for 360. Sebab sis dah faham yang sis nak tutup aurat bukan balut aurat.

Mental tambah koyak waktu tu. Sebab yang pertama, kau berlabuh and kedua you kena bash.

antara ayat kecaman yang sering di den…



Parenting nowadays seems too much. Why? Because they don't want their kids be punished by the teacher. Once punished, you'll viral to social media.
What's wrong with the punishment they recieved? The punishment to make your kids be a better person in the future. 
Come on lah, stop manjakan anak-anak. The teacher don't have time to give your child punishment for nothing. 
Sit and talk to your child, ask what's wrong, and what's going on before making an accuses towards the teacher. 
Cikgu bukannya gila mau saja-saja bagi hukuman. Kecuali dia gila. Tapi think wise la, if she/he crazy=gila why them qualified to be a teacher? 
Tepuk dada tanya minda korang 😏
Jangan berlagak. Ingat dulu-dulu macam mana cikgu-cikgu didik kita, dan sekarang kita di mana? Dan jadi apa kita sekrang?
Tidak ada guru yang mahu anak didiknya menjadi insan yang tidak berjaya. Kalau ada pun yang tidak berjaya, pandang dan lihat kembali ke belakang apa yang sudah kit…



Everyone have ambition. Doctor, engineer, architect, nurse, teacher, lawyer, journalism, accountant, etc.
And me, really really in love with Doctor profession. I donno why, but I love blood, cure the sickness, even the smell of medicine I'm love.
However, I cannot be a Doctor. Because STPM I am not taking science subject anymore.
Because, I am having a bad result for my science Subject during SPM examination. 
Its not about I did not study very well, but I am sick during biology and physic paper. Which I am having fever, and can not walk. Suddenly. It is hard for me to move my leg even for a single step. I can't make it.
Can you guys imagine, how stress I am? I can't concentrate study at the night not included my fever yet.
I'm stayed almost a day in Hospital to cure myself. And last, I finally can walk again (back to normal).
So when the result come out, I already expected what grades my biology and physics are. Its make my heart broke into a…


Mesti seronok kan bila dah berkahwin?
Sis banyak juga baca-baca confession kat IIUMC. Ntah berminat sangat nak baca. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau part kahwin-kahwin. ada yang sampai cerita masalah rumah tangga lah. 
Sis enjoy baca, bukan enjoy apa tapi dapatlah input serba sedikit bahawa -PERKAHWINAN- itu TIDAK MUDAH.
Banyak gegadis luar sana sibuk baca orang yang dah kahwin punya confession terus berangan nak jadi macam diorang juga. Tiba-tiba fefeeling Cinderella gitu.
Macam sis lah. asal baca ja terus berangan lelebih. padahal takdak apa lah sangat hidup berkahwin ni. 
Cuma ia merupakan Sunnah. Bahagia ja tengok orang yang dah kahwin, yang bermasalah tu sis ambil sebagai pengajaran di masa depan.
Part-part rumah tangga bermasalah ni, ada yang sampai tawar hati dah. Ada yang bercerai berai.
Tapi bagi sis, tu semua adalah subchapter yg perlu di study bersama dengan pasangan. Bumi mana yang tidak di timpa hujan kan? 
Dari kita lah macam mana nak handle masalah tu a…