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New Life



I'm back with new freshy story. That I like to share with you guys.

I'm choose form 6 instead of any other college, university or even matriculation.

So, My new school SMK DPG for short. and I don't think you guys should now the long long long long name of that school.

this school, totally new for me. because of the environment really challenging me. The people there, teachers.

So I got maths Management packages. the subject are in the moderate state. not too hard, not too easy. but i believe, wherever we study, nothing easy. It is just us, how we conduct ourselves to achieve excellent for this term 1.

No time to playing around. but still I'm nagging here wrote asdfghjkl story.

those, my juniors, yang next year don't get any offers to further study in anywhere, just come to Pre-U. you will totally like it. And it is simple, cheaper and moderate state. it is a step to university. So don't worry. Form ^ are better than t…

Omma Saranghae



Akhirnya dapat meluangkan masa sekejap untuk meluah apa yang terbuku dalam hati. Elakkan diri daripada Depressed.

Omma Saranghae.

Did you ever feel, how tired your mom when she stay at home do all the house works, prepare your food. taking care of you and other siblings, it is really tiring. I've feel it. It is hard. And I believe, those women outside there, whoever become Omma already, you must have difficult time in raising you children. am I right?

being baby sitter is not simple as we thought. Not easy as what we see. I have experience, taking care of my niece. A very naughty kids ever. Then, I realise, how hard my mother have raising me in past 18 years.

I've experience about doing the housework all alone. it was hard and such freaking tiring. And I ask myself. How tough my Omma, do all the housework all alone everyday every month and every hours. it is hard it is quite challenging. So woman are really tough. Tough than we never …




hey fellow friends. I'm going to busy again as my school time are going to start by this week. no time to playing around. because Im deciding to go for form 6 not matriculation either UPU too.

So, you are my lovely readers, I'm sorry if, I'm late visiting back your blog, and sorry for late upcoming updates. well I have to rush for sem 1 by this November. And I'm taking a kinda hard subject af.

Nothing else i can did, when my priority now is STUDY.

Act like 18 years old. like a teenager. so, hope to see you all of my fellow friend in next entry.

Love you,

Le Owner.


Segmen Jom Blogwalking By Syahirah Valiant



setelah sekian lama, tergerak hati nak join segmen "Jom Blogwalking."

well, aku tak lah free memanjang, tak juga busy memanjang bila ada kelapangan tu, pandai jugalah update story mory kat sini.

korang yang berminat nak join tu, join lah eh. Senang jer.

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Everything is New



walaupun sudah habis SPM, jarang sungguh diri ini mengupdate kan diri ke blog. well sebab idea tak tak datang tiap waktu. masa untuk online pun agak terhad sekarang ini.

I never imagined, i would go to form 6 in aliran sains lagi. tapi aku akan ambil kesempatan ini untuk buktikan dengan orang yang memiliki MULUT LONGKANG yang i can be success through form 6 walaupun aku tahu betapa susahnya exam form 6. lebih-lebih lagi sekarang dah dalam bentuk modular.

aku akan buktikan, orang yang jadi doktor bukan budak dak matriks, tapi dak-dak stpm pun boleh.!

Aku akan buktikan juga, dengan sijil STPM ni, aku mampu sambung luar negara! *Semangat tetiba* hehehehe.

so this tuesday, hari pendaftaran. bermula lah kisah hidup yang baru dengan suasana belajar yang baru, guru-guru baru, kawan-kawan baru, sekolah baru, school attire yang baru, pembelajaran yang baru. that's it.

moga bertemu lagi dalam entry yang seterusnya.

p/s: Thanks to Nur Izzati for the…