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What Actually I feel Right Now ?

hyee,, its a long time not to blogging ,,
as you all know, im very busy with the PMR ,
i have counted the day , 25 days left,, 0,0
not very scared lah because penentu masa dpn ku d klas mna sdh berakhir,
but actually ada sikit rasa takut ,, sikit jerrr,
so i wishhh :-
for all the PMR candidates termasuk lah sya ,  heeee ,,, its time to show my stamina, because i know i can do very well !  ooopps, ! sorry i'm almost forget, today is 2nd zulkaedah [Muslim] calendar,  and syawal already ends,  but me and my crush not wishing each other yet, but nevermind lah. just wait 4 the next year or hari raya aidiladha,  ermmm thats all from me right now !  continued again after the PMR ,, wish you Luck every body ! 
~end Of Entry ,~  assalamualaikum,                                             yours,                                                              HBO !