Dream Big


I'm back!

Everyone has a dream.
Dream that not everyone can achieved,
Not everyone can accept,
And we have to sacrifice lot of things in order to achieve what we want, to be successful like other people.

With the purpose that,

We want make our parents proud of us.
We want make everyone around us be happy go lucky.


Somebody told me that,

If we have a dream,
Dare to dream big.

Don't listen to people who loves back mouthing you,
You have to get up and listen to your own voice,
because the real instructor, the real motivator is the voice of yours.

His word, open my eyes, very widely.
Because, In order I want achieve whatever I want,
They laugh at me,
They cursing me,
They insulting me,
they did whatever they want in order to make me feel loss
and make me down forever.

But guess what,

I never listen to them,
Because I only listen to what can makes me a better version of myself.
I live not to improved people.
I want to do whatever I want too even I have to face so many rough voice
too many obstacle or even I have to meet somebody that never appreciate me.

If that things can make me success, I don't care.

Well said,
In the deepest of your heart,
If you really think that I am your truly friend,
You must not saying those meant words to me.

But encourage me to do better because,
my intention is, I  want both of us, me and you
Achieve what we dream together,

But since,

You not giving an encourage ideas not even support my ideas or giving any ideas,
I'm just letting you go by your own ways.

Because, team work for me is important in order to success.
Without team work, there's nothing you can achieved.

If I teach you like how my coach teach me are not suitable with your own way, then we better go find our way.

Because for me,
If I have a dream,
I dare to dream big.
And I'm willingly to do whatever I can do.

And I will see in few years later I read back what I just jot down today,
Because what I jot down here, today is my disappointed feeling for what just happen today.

Thank you so much.
For your help this time.
The only thing I can do is say thank you.

With Love,


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