Sweetie Cousin

28 Ramadhan 2017,

Hey guys, wsupp?

I mean, Assalamualaikum and hello. How you guys?
We almost reach to the very end of Ramadhan. I am sure, you guys start to do house chores and prepare some cookies for Eid-dulfitri right?

However, we still have the last chance for seeking Lailatul Qadr. May Allah ease gais!

So it was yesterday,

My cousin and I were going to Iftar for the first time in forever. And guess what, it was fun and exciting.

We share the old memory, and lot of things. Since we already lost lost contact since form 5.
Yes, we are the lovely and sweetie cousin ever on earth (I guess) HAHA.

And it was our first Iftar together as a cousin after long long time. Because we never did this before.
Well, we all grown up now. We have our own dreams but we still have lot of things need to be achieved.

So, The photo's of yesterday I compile into a Video:

you guys can watch over here:

I guess, that's all for today bout the entry. We are lovely yet sweetie cousin. Till we meet in next entry. Dahhh. 



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