Dapur Smoochie

So I meet my new hobby and it is my passion actually. 

Cooking is so much fun! I donno why, but I become happier when I am cook. especially if I want to cook for my family members or even for myself. 

And, I never scared if my hands look uglier because, the uglier hand which I mean : tangan yang kasar sebab memasak is super special. 

So, this page. I create. to share with all of you guys my own recipe for cakes, cookies, and side dishes. and of course for beverages too. 

My recipe is my own style, if you want to change the recipe you may change due to your own creativity. and of course if you want to share you recipes, or any inquiries you guys can drop down your comment.


So you guys, stay tuned for my recipes! 

With love,


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