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ui2 ,, readers wanna know something kha ?
    heee,, i got 75% for maths test, nice right ,,
heee lol, im very glad about it and i cant  believe im the highest mark for paper 2,
yerr,, happy tahap gaban nhe joe, why?
because my maths improve,,, !!
   why im write about it here, because , i dont have anyone to shout out my happiness and my sadness,
im write here , not for BANGGA2 ,, tpi for shared my kegembiraan lorh ,, !
heeeee ,,
now im smiling everytime when i see maths question,

hahaha ,, thats all, end of my entry ,
Assalamualaikum ,

Soooooo Saddddd , !

you know what readers ? today, 18/8/2012 saturday, is last for the muslim Fast ,  because ramadhan will leaving soon, i was so sad,  everyone busy celebrate the raya  kesiukan diurank mao raya , but for me ,  raya nda best because im back to my routine and im not much b'ibadah  so just wanna said  SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI  AMPUN MAAF DI PINTA  :'D
#meski pun hati sdih, namun hdup perlu d teruskn,  assalamualaikum