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Toughiest week ever.  This nervous was so endless.  I am so desperately can't get enough sleep because of this endless nervous. 
Today is 31st July, the end of July month, end of my month. However remembering less than 3 days the upu result come out, makes me feel so so so terrible. Yeap, this never happen to me before, except for everytime I have to take my result. 
My heart beating so fast, and I do really need reliever. I am so so pretty having pain in my chest because of my heart beating so fast. 
Do pray for me my lovely readers. "Wani accept to any UA" Ameen. 
'Dear heart, stay calm, everything would be fine.'
With endless nervous, Smoochie 

Count down time!


Again back and share the thoughts that have been stuck in my mind for few days.
Well, count down time what I really mean is,

"Hebahan keputusan UPU bagi lepasan STPM/SETARAF"


Have to admit it. It scare me and of course haunt me everytime.
To-admit, my heart beat so fast and I just don't know how to handle it anymore.

I have read some articles on internet,
it says that

If we have something that disturbing our mind, or we have been nervous for taking an exam or because of something, one of the way to cure is jot down everything inside a paper.

however, I am not to jot down into a piece of paper. But I pour everything inside my heart into this super cutie blog ever.

The real-main-point- here is,

I am desperately need pray from all of my lovely readers, so I can go to university.
The last thing I really want in my life after going to Mekah.

Due to the countdown it is less than 4 days to go. because the result can check at UPU website on 3rd A…

Its Time


Tick Tock,
and the clock is ticking.

I have nothing to share actually, but this kind of thing just come across my mind. Where I do not know really why do I have to think about this.

Where, we put an hope onto something that we really don't know where the end of it.
putting some hope that absolutely nobody can guarantee the percentage of getting something that not written to be mine.

And I guess its time for me to walk away and move on. Move on from those kind of memory that haunts me every night. Haunts me every time even a every second.

Those words that hurts me haunt me even when I am want to take a bath. And yess! It is so annoyed me. -EVERYTIME-

Now I do pray and keep asking The Almighty that do not let my heart get attached to what's not mine.

Its time to stop everything. And keep moving on. Forget everything that bring painful memories and harsh word that might broke my heart into a pieces.

I do really hope.
I really want it.
I desperately want …

Happy Birthday


So, I am turning 20 official today.
23071997-23072017 ♥️

I received too many wishes from everyone and it feels so blessed.

So Highlight for today,

I woke up in a early morning and listen to happy birthday song from my Queen lady. which is my super wonderful woman in the earth my lovely mother.
this is the blessing moment ever. My mother is everything for me. 🦋❤️💖

and now I am turning 20, and I wish for myself to being happy go lucky as always and cheering people surround me. I don't need big party, or any suprise party, gift or sweet wish. 🎊🎉

All I want is, people surround me being happy and remind me in their dua's. I do not know how to describe all this blessed feeling. because I don't know how to express my feeling because of having them who always pray for me. It was an greatest gift ever. Greatest than anything. Because this kind of people, is gift from the Almighty for me.

No matter what, I am so so so so blessed enough. I love to the mo…

Miss You

Hey Gaiss,  How are you?  So today, I can tell everyone I am official ex-galpam student! Wehee. This is because I already take my 'Sijil Tamat Sekolah' weheee. 🦋 
And I am the last one who pick result, and Sijil Tamat Sekolah in my class. So lame. 3 months accurately baru datang ambik. Sebab well busy kat kl, raya baru reti nak pulang kampung 😌
Walaupun nda dapat jumpa another 2 of my buddy, but I am so blessed enough with my best buddy. Well said, even though tak dapat jumpa, still manage to contact each other through whatsapp video call. And That's what I like, That's what I like. 
I guess thats all for today sharing, till we meet next entry my lovely readers 💕
I thought I want to share the photo, but having problem with the internet connection. Maybe in next entry? 
Lahve, Smoochie 


Hai gaiss!
Smoochi ada masa terluang nak kongsi dengan korang, so saja nak bual kosong.  Smoochie nak tanya korang, adil ka tak adil untuk someone claim filter vsco tu dia yang punya sorang? 
Smoochie ni sejenis yg vsco person, and yes most of my picture edit pakai Lightroom baru guna Vsco. 
But someone cemburu buta cakap Smoochie ni ikut-ikut dia, padahal Smoochie ni duluan lagi pakai Vsco, tukar phone yang lebih canggih dari dia and of course most of my picture kat Ig memang guna Vsco, 
Tiba-tiba dia marah Smoochie sebab ikut-ikut dia guna filter yang sama. Padahal dia baru ja dengan Ig. Plus dia dulu pun selalu upload gambar black and White so kenapa pulak dia nak claim filter yang smoochie guna filter dia? 
Alahai tak matang langsung kan? Sebab Semua orang guna Vsco so dia tak boleh lah claim any filters as all of the filters is own by her. 
Satu je, Smoochie nak cakap Busuknya hati kau 😪
Sebab dia ni spesies yang apa Smoochie buat dia nak ikut, but Smoochie tak …