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Assalamualaikum moshimoshi, anyieong haseyo :))
to my cuties visitors . :))

today I'm going to introduce myself . hehehe , [ ACTUALLY, X DE BENDA NAK POST PUN SAJA2 JAK NI ]

My name is Hazwani binti Ontong, / H.B.O
i'm born to this world on 23 July 1997 [ still young ] 
i'm stayed at Sandakan Sabah [ LAND BELOW THE WIND]
my favourite food is mee basah my favourite drink is Juice. all juice :))
i love my Daddy and Mummy . :))

I have several best friend . they are
-Ikhmal, Jennita, Mariana, Hidayah, Firzada, Juita, Izaziatulizna and Agnes :))

HIS name Muhammad Ikhmal .
he born to this world during march 1997 .
he is like my brother :)). not only that , he is my counseling  friend, if i had any problem i only prefer to him.
and he stayed at Sandakan too .
He nice. try be friend with him. he nice :)

Her name is Mariana . :))
she born to this world during September 1997
she stayed at sandakan too .
we are best friend since Primary school . yes, sometimes we fight and then we …

R A I N and S U N N Y day :))

*Assalamualaikum , moshimoshi, anyieong haseyo and salam sejahtera :))
to all my sweetie and visitors . :)) i'm happy still can post here . and i'm still breath today :)
okay, Sandakan sekarang not in stable the weather . sekejap hujan, sekejap cerah.
but, between RAIN and SUNNY . i like RAIN MUCH than SUNNY , because it's cold day . and i like it.
hurmmm *sigh*, we almost to the end of the year. new year will coming soon. it is 33 days left but for muslim. our new year has passed . but nevermind, we celebrate 2 times :))
school open 2nd January 2013 , yes i'm at form 4 already. i'm become more mature and teenage .:) maybe when the school open, it is raining like this year . school opening its heavy rain .  but i like it, it is cold day . but it is annoy me when need to bring the umbrella . my bag would be more and more heavy . maklum lah pulangkan naik bas. :'( but i can't wait, my new member, my sister and my brother-in-law :)) but, i can't wait to se…


Assalamualaikum :))
Moshimoshi, anyieong haseyo.
yes, Admin back to blogging2 here.
ermmm, NEW MEMBER ?
yes, my family will got a new member :)) And admin going to be Aunty after this :))
so happy with that :)

i have calculate the date when the new member going out .. heeee and i have done calculate the final month when the new member coming out, Be strong my sister !  and this 10/12/2012 even nine months the pregnancy .:)) and 20/12/2012 my sister will give birth , and the new member will coming soon :)) Yeahhh ,  i can't wait about that ! :))  so happy with that ,  and yes , THANKS GOD for giving us a new family member, :)) we are very thankfull, because it is very meaningful gift from GOD to our Family , we like it :))
okay that's all. bye2 Sekian~~ Sayonara, 


Assalamualaikum. Salam sejahtera Moshimoshi ANd anyieong haseyo :)))
to all my readers and visitors . :)
and finally ? finally my cousin back to their hometown. *sigh* my home going to be silent again. :') and finally my vacation has end ! thanks God, I'm really enjoyed my Holiday with family ,:)) vacation trip in Sandakan give Much memory towards us :)) what i like the most when we are visiting the probocis monkey :)) we can touch that monkey and take the picture together . :)
yes and FINALLY the 2012 years will reach the end . now i'm busy with my stuff for come back to school. well next year it's so early coming to school. 2nd January .
hurmmm, I miss my cousin, we hope they would come again . oops, almost forget ,
after my cousin come, my Brother-In-Law with his family would come sent my sister , :))
and yes, home will going rousing again, :)

*sigh* I think that's all for right now see you again :)) bye
Sekian ,

I K U T -ii

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejhtera, Anyieong haseyo and Moshimoshi
to ; all my beloved visitor and   readers,

today admin going to Postt about ikut-ii or follow-on in english,
okay 2012, there so many people follow on in trending, yeah trending .
they do it not sincere from their heart and just wanna following the trending so not let outdated,
seriously, people like this must bash till the end,
let's take an example, the trending most popular now

when people change the Picture kononnya pray for gaza sincere from heart,  mula lah ikut-ii yang lain change picture into pray for gaza, you must know wei, it's not a toy you can take it as playing at the playground,  no need to follow-on the trending, just do it sincere from your heart and do it because of ALLAH S.W.T.
so take note people, don't ikut-ii don follow on trending semata-mata nak rebut famous, lets follow on the trending because its sincere from your heart and because of ALLAH S.W.T  OKAY, thank you . :…


Assalamualaikum, Good morning, and Anyieong haseyo, moshi moshi,
to my readers and visitor, :)
kemarin admin and cousin pergi sepilok
okay, very bored place that i ever going, but i'm enjoying with my cousin :))
but picture not with me, with my cousin, because i'm not pay the camera :((
nevermind, the picture i just take from google, okay,

this my big brother ticket, mine only RM 2 .. hehehhe
this ticket for seeing itu orang hutan punya show, around pukul 3 lah kamii watch the shows, then the show, tuu orang kasi makan itu orang Hutan, then ada lah orang hutan yang bergayut sana sini, well baru lepas dri kandang kan. like this picture lah,

they gayut-gayut, sana sini, berlari sambil makan pisang and so on lah ..
interest juga lah pegi sini, tpi yeah as you know its JUNGLE Man, jungle, so bored and tired
semuaa feeling pun ada semuaaa ada,
maybe thats all right now, if i have time i post all the picture, :))


Assalamualaikum to my readers and visitors,
Admin not very in well today after watching video in Gaza,
well, as we Know, Gaza in war, we can't do much, except pray and pray and pray,
Admin, cry a Lot, because of that, the baby, new born Israel kill it, they are INSANE ,
because they have kid and baby too, they should know, kill the kids very hurt,
they still young, and don't know anything,
this prayer for Palestine,  Do'a untuk GAZA, Palestine.
اللَّهُمَّ انصُرِ الإِسلام والمْسُلِمِينَ
اللَّهُمَّ انصُرِ المْسُلِمينَ فِي كُلِّ مَكَانٍ
(اللَّهُمَّ انصُرِ المْسُلِمينَ فِي فَلَسطِين (3كالي
اللَّهُمَّ دَمَّر الكفَارَ واليَهُـودَ والنَّصَارَى والمْشُرِكِينَ
اللَّهُمَّ يَا اللّـه يَا اللّـه يَا اللّـه إِهزِمهُم وَانصُرناَ عَلَيهِم
Wahai Tuhan kami,Berilah kemenangan kepada Islam dan Muslimin,Ya Tuhan kami,Berilah kemenangan kepada Muslimin di semua tempat,Ya Tuhan kami,Berilah kemenangan kepada orang Islam di Palestin (3x),Ya Tuhan kami,Hancurkanlah Kuffar, Yahudi, Nasrani dan M…

UPSR ---> PMR ----> SPM

Assalamualaikum to my readers, an visitor,
moshimoshi, anyieonghaseyo,
sorry for not updating story for the past 2 days,
I not very well, and don't have any idea want to post,

today, i'm going to talk about JOURNEY ,
yes, journey, and everyone, have this journey, a very long journey to be success  !

yeah, a very long journey , its hard for everyone through it, but it is life, so we must go on,  as i remember, three years ago, i'm taking UPSR, and my result not too bad, and not too good, and NOW, I'm taking PMR already, i made the best for this exam , and result will coming soon, and its scaring me, and next two years , i will taken SPM , its my life, i don't know, i can  through it or not,  aware not aware, i become, teenage, and I started know what is LOVE , what is FRIEND and What is EDUCATION .  next year I'm 16 years old already, and I'm grew Old, And need to prepare well for SPM,  yeah, as  I remember, my blogger grew old with me, because i started us…


Assalamualaikum, MoshiMoshi, AnyieongHaseyo,
to my beloved readers and visitors, :]]
thanks for spent your time with my story,

here i again i want talk about, HIJRAH, well as all of you know, about HIJRAH, its Means, PINDAH or Move or maybe for suitable meanings is MOVING, HIJRAH has many meanings, it is not just moving from one place to another place. but it is can happen to ourselves, without us realise that,
yeah, Admin, want make a HIJRAH for this new year islam, last year, Admin hijrah from FREE HAIR , to Wearing HIJAB, . and for this year, admin want to put on more faith and piety,

its not only, that, Admin want HIJRAH from nice to MORE NICER, and try to find Allah LOVES, and the more important is let EVERYTHING THAT WE DO IS ONLY FOR ALLAH S.W.T,  let us together, get more pleasure from ALLAH S.W.T maybe that's all for right now,  SEKIAN 


to :
     my readers and visitor,
like usually, i'm bloggie here,
today talk about, my journey along the Sch Holiday, Guess where i have go for this school holiday ?

sure i am going to Kuala Lumpur,  at my sister place, you know what ? there i am going to S U N W A Y L A G O O N , my sister and i having fun there, :]] i miss thta moment,

know who is this ? this is HANTUU BUATAN SENDIRI, after playing at RUMAH HANTUU,  berani kan saya ;]] me and my sister and water slide, SIOKKK gila beb,  yang ini pula , permainan 360 darjah, pening, takut, and tension hilang kalau main benda ni sebab, kita x akan berhenti jerit, selagi dia x habis pusing, mcm2 yang korang boleh feel di sini,  siap india tuu ckp "AALL IZ WELL" lgi sblum, benda ni bergerak, 
yang ni game ular gaung, best gilerr, boleh kena heart attack kalau main ni benda sbb apa?  sbbny, dia berhenti kat tmpt tinggi utk 5 mins, then tba2 dia turun dengan lajuunya, nampak x tuu…

M A A L H I J R A H / M U H A R R A M

hey my sweetie Visitor, and Readers,
Assalamuslsikum, Moshimoshi, Annyieonghaseyo,
and Salam sejahtera :]

i just wanna say ,

kita sudah sampai di penghujung buku 1433 H,  jadi, bila dah sampai ke muka surat terakhir, that's mean , we need NEW book, kan.
apa yang kita perlu lakukan kalau sudah sampai di muka surat yang terakhir ?
1) kita muhasabah diri dengan revise balik perkara-perkara yang lalu yang telah kita buat,
termasuk lah melakukan dosa, sama ada dengan sengaja mahupun tidak sengaja,  :]
2) meminta maaf kepada orang yang telah kita sakiti sama ada dengan sengaja atau pun tidak, :]
3) JANGAN lupa baca doa AKHIR dan AWAL tahun, [doa akhir tahun selepas asar nanti, awal tahun, selepas isyak nanti, ]
4) yang paling penting minta ampun dan sujud syukur ke atas ilahi , :] Jangan lupa ALLAH S.W.T , etuu yang paling penting,

perkara-perkara sunat di lakukan semasa bulan muharram ialah :-

1. Berpuasa. 2. Banyakkan amal ibadat seperti solat sunat, zikir dan sebagainya. 3. Berdoa ak…


annyieong haseyo :]

to my Beloved visitor, and my follower, and readers, 
as all of you know, today is the end of the year 1433 HIJRAH , well, thats mean, our book has reach to the last page for today , and tomorrow, 1 MUHARRAM 1434 HIJRAH , = 15 disember 2012,
are new year for muslim,
actually the new year is after the magrhib time, so what are we need to do for this
Maal Hijrah are ,
read this ----->
make a new azam,  Open the new book , :] and sorry to people,  and the most important,  NO MATTER WHAT , ALLAH MUST BE THE FIRST ONE IN OUR MIND, sekian , Salam Maal Hijrah dari Admin ;]


ASSALAMUALAIKUM,  MOSHIMOSHI ANYIEONG HASEYO,  salam sejahtera  TO :      all my readers and visitor,  today my story about drama, for those who love korean drama ,  i am suggest you seeing this drama "MAY QUEEN' very nice, and dramatic and saddest drama that i have ever seen , and the actors good looking and handsome : that is the actor and actress  :--| for me the handsome kid actors is PARK GUN TAE, 
maybe thats all from me right now,  SEKIAN .


Hey visitor, and readers,
assalamualaikum ,
salam sejahtera ,

readers and visitor, all of you know this food right /
malam ni, ADMIN makan Kaki ayam masak kicap, MY SWEETY MUMMY yang buat,,
ermm, pics ambik dri google jerr,
okaii, apa kaitan mknn ni dgn tajuk post ?

Its a Long story but , i will short it,
~ tdi masa petang2, mama admin, suruh admin beli kaki ayam, and admin pergi lah beli, skali sampai rumah, mummy tba2 cakap " kicap pun habis syg" then i ask my mom again, mauu p beli lagi ka ? but my mommy not answering jdi diam2 sejja lah , mayb masi ada sdikit stok kicap kan,
jadi sebelum makan tu , admin ada tnya mummy, mcm mna kicap tuu ada jga ka ?
and my mom said " YESS, ada, mummy guna kicap manis,"
sekali masa hendak makan tu, si kakak ada tegur, dia bilang "Mummy aku rasa ada yang ramuan nya terlebih ni, ayam mummy, "
and my mummy said "oh ya ka , ermm nda tau lah pula"
jdi admin mnyampuk, admin ckap "Mu…


MoshiMoshi ,
Salam sejahtera ,
to my readers , visitor and so on, :]]
okai today i'm gonna write about my BUDDY , hee :]]
let me mix the language lah okay,

this is 3B 2012 :
my family members 3B :]] my school name SMK . KONVEN . ST CECILIA , and my school there's no Boys schooling there ,  ONLY GIRL <3  hee ,  the BOY wear bajuu PINK  is our Homeroom teacher , HE IS funny teacher that i ever seen before this ,  we are happy family/ happy tree friend , :]] the girls wearing BLACK skirt is PREFECT , and PINK skirt is Librarian/pustakawan,  and our class monitor is on your right hand side , her name OZABELLE , :]] we call her ABELLE ,  this is our class picture , :]] free style ,  the serious style i don't want upload , 2012 .  SM. ST MARY IS SCHOOL BOY, only boy there , and the school located next to our school,
Yang memisahkan sekolah kami hanya lah pagar ,
besebelah seja bha,
Okai mayb thats all from me right Now ,

Salam Jumaat <3


to my :
           Visitor, readers and so on,
yeaah, today i'm gonna write my post on Malay, hahaha,
but, i don't know how to talk in Malay, well, when i am writing diary, its random, for me to write in Malaysia,
okay , today i don't know what's going on my Head , because i cannot stop S M I L E , yaa, tambahan lagi, tengok wayang NGORAT , can't stop S M I L E and Laugh already ,
okay,  you want see my my face when i am Baby ,

hahaha, cute ka ? hope so cute lah di mata kamu,  okai, ermmm i want my Crush seeing i am happy Now , :]  i want He seeing I am Smiling, :]]  much of happy than before this, :]]  okay, S M I L E with me readers , yeahh,  okay, about my sister, she told me next month when she comeback someone new will follow Her coming to our house, That is my sister In Law, well, i just thinking, if she come, then i'm gonna sleep at where? of course NOT WITH my parents, Mayb i with my Third Sister would be s…


assalamualaikum , hye moshimoshi and anyieonghaseyo,
my visitor and my readers  ,

tonight i'm really really in mood, but i feel a little bit Sad , because of my sister , Going back to KL,
yeah , its make me more worried bout him, because SHE is pregnant and almost 9 month already :o
thats why everyone worried about She ,
yaa , next month she will come to S A B A H again but , its a long time bha , i can't bear,
i too Miss Her ,

and i was hoping she online and read my Blog  thats a sad feel,  today i'm in mood BECAUSE i have move on to forget about HIM , and i success , thats make me so happy, yeah i need to go on  more , to make he forget about me too, thats why i really2 happy,  and i was hoping for next year i'm not in same class with him at tuition centre, not in school because my school is only Girl, and HIS school only boy, [SEPARATE ALREADY] SO, i was very very hope that HE not in same class with Me ,  even though HE took S C I E N C E stream, :]]  and i really r…


Yesterday is the Last day school for this year,

and my friend and i going to Park nearer servay for release tension , and make the last day is the perfect day ,
and we do this :

a happy times, makes our DAY P E R F E C T without any problem comes towards ,
thats all,  A S S A L A M U A L A I K U M ~