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My pals'

to all the ladies and gentleman.

Finally, I got some time to update here after long-long-longggggg day had passed, after met my ex classmate probably my lovely friends.

There's nothing story I want to share. Because you know, my heart very sensitive especially regarding to *jeng ... jeng ... jeng* not going to say.

so here, a bunch of spamming picture.

3 AM Thought


Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera to all my fellow readers.

I thought it is not  long time ago since the last post. But here I am taking a rest from study and pour everything inside my head and my chest to let all of you read about my 3 am thought. Not a serious thought but, a throwbacking to the very painful memory among the painful memories that I have.

5 years. I hate talking about friendship.

because of friendship, I start to be strong. Be independent and telling myself that I can live without friend. There are few reasons why that happens. I don't have sweet memory during my high school. I lose my friend and i donno why they HATE ME SO MUCH. I do not know is that they really hate me, or they just don't want be friend with me. I just confuse where do I make a mistake until I lose all of them. Maybe its my mistake without myself realise about it. Then I just walk alone until 2 of my best bestie during high school lend me their own shoulder to hel…