Its Time


Tick Tock,
and the clock is ticking.

I have nothing to share actually, but this kind of thing just come across my mind. Where I do not know really why do I have to think about this.

Where, we put an hope onto something that we really don't know where the end of it.
putting some hope that absolutely nobody can guarantee the percentage of getting something that not written to be mine.

And I guess its time for me to walk away and move on. Move on from those kind of memory that haunts me every night. Haunts me every time even a every second.

Those words that hurts me haunt me even when I am want to take a bath. And yess! It is so annoyed me. -EVERYTIME-

Now I do pray and keep asking The Almighty that do not let my heart get attached to what's not mine.

Its time to stop everything. And keep moving on. Forget everything that bring painful memories and harsh word that might broke my heart into a pieces.

I do really hope.
I really want it.
I desperately want to forget those painful memory.
I keep want to erase everything and teach myself that Do not put any hope to someone or to anyone.

It is 10:40 pm,
And I reach to the end of words, where I can't describe anymore about how I feels.
Because somehow when to remember, it is really painful to bear.

with love,


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