Everyone have ambition. Doctor, engineer, architect, nurse, teacher, lawyer, journalism, accountant, etc.

And me, really really in love with Doctor profession. I donno why, but I love blood, cure the sickness, even the smell of medicine I'm love.

However, I cannot be a Doctor. Because STPM I am not taking science subject anymore.

Because, I am having a bad result for my science Subject during SPM examination. 

Its not about I did not study very well, but I am sick during biology and physic paper. Which I am having fever, and can not walk. Suddenly. It is hard for me to move my leg even for a single step. I can't make it.

Can you guys imagine, how stress I am? I can't concentrate study at the night not included my fever yet.

I'm stayed almost a day in Hospital to cure myself. And last, I finally can walk again (back to normal).

So when the result come out, I already expected what grades my biology and physics are. Its make my heart broke into a pieces.

Make me feel even worst, when I don't have any single chance to study science. Letting go what I love what I dream is just too hard for me. I cry lot as much as i want. And thats why my result for Penggal 1 worst. Worst ever.

But suddenly I realised. Allah have a better plan for me. Maybe not to be a Doctor. But maybe be a somebody with a better future.

Eventhough I am a little bit jealous with them who continue study in medical or in science subject.

To those yang having bad result, come on. Doctor and engineer is not the only profession we had.

Lot of profession out there you need to explore more and more. Like me, I am already in love with other profession such as joirnalism, architect and lecturer. And I can slowly forget about my ex dreamin 'To be doctor'

Well said, I don't want to be a motivator, but I want to be something that I like and interested with.

There's no point to be something that you don't like it and you don't interested with it. Maybe at first you don't like it. But, take it slow. Hadam and study betul-betul profession itu, whose know, at the end you in love with those new things.

Well said, life is all about learning new things from day to day. Time to time. It just between us, either we want to explore new things or just thinking inside the box and know nothing.

With lot of love,


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