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Additional Mathematics

Assalamualaikum :D feeling great guys ?
Me ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OF COURSE. you know why because from the TITLE i give you already know WHY WHY WHY WHY i'm not feeling GREAT . It just Hurt me the STUPIDITY QUESTION that i answer before.
Before this I never left my ANSWER SHEET in blank but THIS TIME ?? from eight question i can only answer two question DAEBAKKKKKK right ??
pergghhhhh. Today the timetable wasssssssss killing me because of what ? because paper addmaths meet up with CHEMISTRY AND PHYSIC. *dushhhhh feeling sick*

but know i can smile though because i can rest after sahur and after buka puasa later because EVERYTHING IS OVER ... and my HOLIDAY MODE is ON Already sooo stay in touch see ya > |  With Love _ HAZ_WA_NI ;)


Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooo people on the earth ... >W< How are you ? yesss a little bit MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS youuuuuuuuuu,
so welcome back to me . well a kinda busy month but now, i have a free time so i just type something stupid to feel happy and jyeahhhh, exactly bored.
 23·07·97? the dateline ?? ahaaaa, it is my birthday ~~~~  well HAPPY BIRTHDA TO ME THEN :D well as you known, during my birthday i join the competition CHORAL SPEAKING school level and guess what makes me Happy ? YAWWWWW WE WIN AND GOT FIRST PLACE . goshhhhhhhhh. MIRACLE  we never expect to get first place but Allah S.W.T. give us a chance go to LEVEL STATES but yeahhhh definitely It is not Confirmed YET because MAYBE OUR TEAM WILL NOT GO FOR STATES LEVEL FOR SOME problem that we have. Well yeahhhh I JUST WANNA SAY CONGRATULATION for all THE SPEAKER because make a GREAT JOB . and hard work for win . ...  so the present is this :-
with love  -Wanie-