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Ramadhan Kareem


Assalamualaikum and Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all my fellow friends.

Finally the hectic week just done. And its time for final exam!!!
So I am stealing my own time to update here instead of doing some revision for my final. 

Guess who is happy going back home in 18 days to go?

Compared to the previous semester, this semester more tough than ever. But this semester I managed to handle my endless homesickness. I managed to persuade myself that everythings gonna be okay. I am believing in myself with the Guidance from The Almighty, I manage to handle it. And I thought it was the biggest challenging things for this semester.

Busiest semester ever. I guess I should take a short rest whenever it comes to semester 2. It is not all about merit, but the experience that I chased for my future references. Join too much activity until I do not get enough rest for myself. Too many things need to handle in one time. Until up in one point, I'm sick. Fever.Cough.Flu …