Miss You


Hey Gaiss, 
How are you? 
So today, I can tell everyone I am official ex-galpam student! Wehee. This is because I already take my 'Sijil Tamat Sekolah' weheee. 🦋 

And I am the last one who pick result, and Sijil Tamat Sekolah in my class. So lame. 3 months accurately baru datang ambik. Sebab well busy kat kl, raya baru reti nak pulang kampung 😌

Walaupun nda dapat jumpa another 2 of my buddy, but I am so blessed enough with my best buddy. Well said, even though tak dapat jumpa, still manage to contact each other through whatsapp video call. And That's what I like, That's what I like. 

I guess thats all for today sharing, till we meet next entry my lovely readers 💕

I thought I want to share the photo, but having problem with the internet connection. Maybe in next entry? 



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