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Be Yourself.

Hello bello dearest fellas.
Wishing all of you to have a very good days today tomorrow and future.


you are not a failure until you say so,
and until you believe so.

You are what you believe. if you believe in good things, you'll live up to it.

Don't copy others just be yourself,

people don't have any right to judge on you so don't listen to suara-suara sumbang yang sibuk mengutuk. be yourself as long as penduduk langit boleh terima kita. Manusia?

pernahka terima dengan kelebihan dan kekurangan kita?

kalau dia x suka, kita bernafas pun menjadi masalah buat dia. So focus on yourself don't look down upon yourself, be yourself be different than other just accept for who you are. :)

there's nothing wrong to be who you are. :) ~~

with full of love,  Smoochie ~

Happy ke Sedih?


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera fellas.

it's been a while since my last entry. well a busy messy head girl *Ntah apa yang disibukkan.*

okay today 31st January it means that we already reach at the end of month. So how was school so far? or maybe to those who just finish their examination, how was your holiday? I hope we all in fine fine saja.

tomorrow is february. and lots of thing happen. sedaq tak sedaq dah sebulan berlalu esok masuk february and it means that exam untuk penggal dua STPM juga bakal tiba. okay scary jugalah.

then talk about result sem 1. jyeahhh it makes me feel even more scared. the result come out after the cny holiday and i think i'm not ready yet. *Tak nak ambil result dan taknak ambil tahu pun (kalau boleh)*

okay at the 4th week of january, which I mean the last wednesday I'm choosen to be one of the MPP members and MT members (Majlis tertinggi). And the worst thing is, i donno what i should feel. Either to be happy or s…