Happy Birthday


So, I am turning 20 official today.
23071997-23072017 ♥️

I received too many wishes from everyone and it feels so blessed.

So Highlight for today,

I woke up in a early morning and listen to happy birthday song from my Queen lady. which is my super wonderful woman in the earth my lovely mother.
this is the blessing moment ever. My mother is everything for me. 🦋❤️💖

and now I am turning 20, and I wish for myself to being happy go lucky as always and cheering people surround me. I don't need big party, or any suprise party, gift or sweet wish. 🎊🎉

All I want is, people surround me being happy and remind me in their dua's. I do not know how to describe all this blessed feeling. because I don't know how to express my feeling because of having them who always pray for me. It was an greatest gift ever. Greatest than anything. Because this kind of people, is gift from the Almighty for me.

No matter what, I am so so so so blessed enough. I love to the moon and back my mommy and daddy, my lovely sisturr, my girl friend, cousins and everyone that I don't even know but still wishing my birthday, eventhough FB jobs' remind them hahaha.

Thank you so much.

you gais really means my world.

with love,
the Birthday girl 


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