Matter of Heart


I've read few question, such as;

> Sis pernah bercinta?
> Sis pernah patah hati?
> Sis pernah dikecewakan?
and etc,

And my answer for you guys punya questions is "YES"

But it is happen around 2010-2011.

Well, Monkey lovey dovey, stupid crazy monkey lovey dovey,

Bila throwback dulu-dulu I was so stupid why I do involved to this kind of matter,
Sebab banyak benda lagi yang nak di jadikan masalah selain daripada benda ni.

Masa tu, I was struggling for my Depression and anxiety, bullies and so on.

patah hati, sebab boyfriend monyet left without saying anything, 
bila teringat balik euwww, disgusting,
Having affair with my own bestfriend. 

Sakit dia tu lain macam. So relationship tu end around year 2011. 
Menangis juga masa tu. Patah hati bagai nak rak rak patah. 

Belum campur tolak bahagi darab yang depression, anxiety, bullying mentally lagi tu. mental boleh dikatakan Koyak lah juga masa tu.

But, I sit back, I am looking what I am missing.

I'm Missing The Almighty at first place. 

And I'm asking myself, why do I cry, why do I getting angry, why do I have to worries for someone who don't deserve it. 

I walked away, move on and keep going, Till right now, I never filled this heart with someone who deserve it. I guess the right time is not coming yet. 

And I told myself that, 
Kenapa mahu terkejar-kejar cinta manusia, sedangkan cinta Illahi belum diraih.

So, I move on. Even sekarang ni, kalau teringat balik masa zaman Jahiliah dulu, I was so stupid. Sebab everyday, my parents make a dua for me ask The Almighty to ease me in my study, but all I do is Terjebak dalam cinta monyet.

But now, it make sense, I left everything. and I get what I want. I seek for The Almighty love's and still keep seeking till I taste the sweetness of love.

My advice for you guys,
Sejauh mana dia ungkapkan kata sayang itu dengan korang, selagi dia tak lamar, tak jumpa parents minta izin for be with you, be yours, then that "SAYANG" has no meaning at all.

Kalau lagi dia curang, come on lah guys, wake up and see the right things,
I'm tellin ya, Woman instinct is 99% accurately, so stop making a fake Hope from someone useless permainkan perasaan you guys.

Well said, They don't deserve your thoughts, feelings, worries, tears and so on. So move on guys, keep going, there's someone better for you out there. 

Ask yourself, 
Cinta Allah dah raih belum? If not, keep going, because when the right time has come, the true guy, yang betul-betul deserve for you, akan datang cari you sebab you pemilik tulang rusuk kiri dia yang dia cari-cari.

So, just gotta keep going.


'Saat Zulaikha terkejar-kejar akan cinta Yusuf, Allah jauhkan Yusuf dari Zulaikha. Tapi saat Zulaikha terkejar-kejar cinta Allah, Allah hadirkan Yusuf buat Zulaikha.'

You guys think carefully for guys yang kononnya
Teman sehidup semati,

It is them the right guy?

So, till here

Lot of Love,


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