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My Reason and The Reason You Are Not In Mood !

oiddddddddddddddhnb Assalamualaikum,
moshi2 ,
this  i wanna talk about why i'm not  , or why you not in mood .

1. You’re stressed. It would take a small army of clowns to match what one working mom juggles every day. But as any veteran multi tasker knows, the more balls you’ve got in the air, the more stressed you become.

And when you start looking for items to scrap from your to-do list PRAY to your GOD to make you calm ,

2. You’re using hormone-based contraceptives.This is a cruel irony: The kinds of birth control meant to inspire free-spirited nookie (i.e. pills, patches, rings and injections) lower testosterone levels. For some women, that depresses libido.

3. You’re taking medication.
extra suplimentary that you are  eat and not work it to ur body 

 4. You’re not sleeping well.
According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, women are more than twice as likely as men to have trouble sleeping. And sleeplessness has an enormous impact on desire.

5. You're having …


lalallalalalla ...
aloha ! <3
long time not see ,
heee anyway what im going to write today about the past !
PMR IS OVER ! yeahhh
so happy with that yooo ! its time to relaxing my mind after three years studying and now its over !
just wait for the SPM again ,,
so wait for the result ,,
and SPM is waiting me for the  2 upcoming  year

so thats all !
sayonara see you all again soon ! :D