Missing em'

26 Ramadhan 2017.

This is the story 2 days ago...
I guess.

Well, last monday story.

We still keep in touch with my fellas kiddos K1,
after few months apart, separating in our ways.

Lot of things we share,
we missing each other.
And this is the picture, I compile into a video.
Lot of story,
And guess what,
They still remain unchanged!.
with their attitude, their way to annoyed peps, their way to making fun and joke.

And, the purpose, I upload in my own blog,
There's someone, who will stalk my Ig's profile, and claim my happiness through one picture/video of mine.

Like I  don't have my own matter.

Dear you, Stalker:

You cannot claim someone happiness through a single picture or a single video. Because behind their smile, they hiding thousand of tears, hundred of problems. And you just never know because you never ask.
me. the. potato.

Video made by: Smoochie,
Song: Mengelamun by Lah Ahmad.
Place: McD
Activity: Iftar with kiddos K1.



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