To everyone.

Been hiatus for some quite time.

Busy with assignment, endless classes, quiz, examination and some activity college. Due to this kind of busyness, i recieved some emails and message from anymously regarding their thoughts and feeling. and I have read through some of bio description about someone having difficulty about their feelings and so on so fort.

There's stranger on Sarahah and asking me a Question, how I can live happily despite the endless busy life I have.

So this is my answer. It depends on how we manage the problem and our schedule. You might saw me happy go lucky person, but deep inside my heart I have tons of problem. Since I am at home but not in my own home, the homesickness is sucks me. I have to cry everyday before I'm sleep. Scare enough if get calls from hometown. And hoping when received the calls it bring some happy news instead of bad news.

About heart matter,
I do have some heart matter. I mean lovey-dovey problem, family matter backstabber, and many more. But hey who is care about the rejection? Fallin love with someone you like is never wrong. Rejection is common things you have to face during confession. Looking back at my 7 years ago lovey story, where I took 7  years exactly to move on finally I made it. Love bring happiness, it just us who made love look painful. Yeap have to admit, missing someone is so damn pain. but what else you can do? Missing your parents also painful right?

It is how you looking through the problem you have to face. How your mind react with it. If you have to cry just cry as much as you want, and if you think you need a shoulder to cry on, do find someone you trust to share your thoughts and probs.

And if you willingly to share with me, just share. I can lend my shoulder to you. Don't let yourself be in the stage where you want to commit suicide. Because I have been there before. Just because the problem become the main problem and that problem leads the way I'm thinking and reacts towards it. In fact, commit suicide doesn't bring any solution to you. You just make people surround you more worry and sad.

Don't think you are alone, you have people surround you who love you. And you have to remember that. Whenever you think you want to share your thoughts and problems, go find a solution where the suitable place for you to express your feelings.

Different people has different way. Just like me, whenever I stress or missing someone, I do express it through my poem. And there's people who express all their feeling towards dancing. And there's people share towards picture, drawing and so on so fort. If you feel too much pressure, then you have to go out and get some fresh air. Because staying at your small room, just increase your stress level. Go and have some chit chat or maybe you can write something in your diary, or blog. This has been proven by the studies from somewhere on earth. I read the article. They has stated that to relieve your feelings, nervous, stress and so on so fort is through writing. I have try it too. It works. Why not you guys try it too. Whose know it will help.

remember your past? How you going through with all your problem before this and look at where are you now. You still alive and still can smile, also still can cheering yourself. And now why you just wan to giving up on everything? Life too short to be sad. Enjoy every moment you have as like there's no tomorrow.

No matter how painful it is, you no need to give up. You have to wake up and keep going. God never burden someones over their limit. Smile and cheer yourself.

~' To every sad soul out there, may the wind protects you and the moon tonight in this world could contain`~

With love,
Smoochies (Cik Wa)


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