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Its been very long Long time for me to update some post here. I am busy preparing myself on the other day before departing to 'Bumi Kenyalang'. It such a hectic week, hectic month but here I am still struggling with tiredness, beauty sleep and study. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Throwing back to 4th Sept 2017,
My very first time apart from my family. The tears don't stop for the whole day. As I hug and gave 'Salaam' to my parents, my tears start falling down. The fact that they can't come with me, or even sent me to Kuching all they can do is just sent me to the airports' gate, and that make me cry so hard. I cry so much just like a kid who just lost their candy. 🙁

Along the way to the Airplane, I keep wiping my unstoppable tear, I just can't stand watching both mommy and daddy crying while waving at me before departing. It just few minute while waiting the aircraft, I miss the home already, I miss my mommy and daddys' voice I miss to see the smile on my parents face. I am such a liar if I'm telling you that I never felt afraid on my first day staying at the place that I've never been. And never come cross in my mind continue study in Kuching. In fact that, my endless scared and nervous and much feeling that can't describe with any words or even sentences. As soon as I touch down in Kuching Airport, I saw there's many student come to Kuching together with their parents, and there's only minority bunch of student who came alone, independent without anyone who going to help you with your tones of bags. 😂

To make it short, once the registration for edaftar, taking Id Card, registration for college, taking a key to see the new home and new room is settle, there you go for your MAP week or I called it as crazy hectic week. Its a week where you can't get your beauty sleep, have to walk from college to the hall that takes around 15-25 minutes 'depends on your speed and speed people infront of you'. Not to forget the moment when you have to wear attire formal from 5:00am till 12:00am to be exact, and have to take a bath once you back to your room around 1:00 am. And wake in the early morning to continue the activity around 4:30 am. And yess you are not have enough time to take your shower for that morning. Doesn't it hectic? Along the the talks you heard at Hall, you fall asleep. And then there's a clever photographer taking your sleepy face and put into the video that will be showed during MRB which is, the last day of MAP. 😆

However, along the hectic week still got time to make a sweet memory. Where I join the cheers team for my college to compete during MRB. The memory during the practise session keep replay in my memories box. Where my friends and I bump into a person who can be my crush after been so long stop crushing over someone. And there you go, where you met your LO/seniors/facilitator and you keep stalking, staring at their face and you fallin love (Kononnya lah) and make them as your crush, and you have to called them your supplement before anyone else know who your crush is 😏. And yeah, the girls Game on 😏.

And there I go, following my heart that never open to anyone else, suddenly this man pop out from nowhere, and make me wanna fallin love again. Can you guys imagine for almost 7 years, I keep myself alone, no lovey-dovey feelings. And now that kind of feeling is back. Unfortunately, the one who I like, or in other words, My Crush has his own queen already and that makes my heart broke into a pieces 💔. There I go with my new journey, with new experience, new feeling and new environment.

So, till here my entry-post. Till we meet again in next entry. Maybe I am going to continue this entry or maybe there's new topic I'll be talk about.

Till the next entry,
Cik Wa (smoochie)


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