to my :
           Visitor, readers and so on,
yeaah, today i'm gonna write my post on Malay, hahaha,
but, i don't know how to talk in Malay, well, when i am writing diary, its random, for me to write in Malaysia,
okay , today i don't know what's going on my Head , because i cannot stop S M I L E , yaa, tambahan lagi, tengok wayang NGORAT , can't stop S M I L E and Laugh already ,
okay,  you want see my my face when i am Baby ,

hahaha, cute ka ? hope so cute lah di mata kamu, 
okai, ermmm i want my Crush seeing i am happy Now , :] 
i want He seeing I am Smiling, :]] 
much of happy than before this, :]] 
okay, S M I L E with me readers , yeahh, 
okay, about my sister, she told me next month when she comeback someone new will follow Her coming to our house, That is my sister In Law, well, i just thinking, if she come, then i'm gonna sleep at where? of course NOT WITH my parents, Mayb i with my Third Sister would be sleep at the Living room, 
why i am not in same room with Her? 
Because Her parents Come too, so they will sleep at my room lar, and my 3rd sister room taken by my sister with her Husband , 
okai understood ? 
ermm, why erk, cannot stop smiling? am I too Happy or Sad will come? 
I don't know, but enjoy your life , and makes your Day A perfect Day , boleh kan ,  
okay today only SMILE ,
*senyum itu sedekah kan* Lol, 
mayb thats all for now, 
Bye2 , <3 
much love from me :]]
did you ever heard this song ?
best this song ,
if you read the meaning of this song,
the meaning totally same with my situation Now , Missing my crush, :]]
okaii cheer ups,


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