assalamualaikum , hye moshimoshi and anyieonghaseyo,
my visitor and my readers  ,

tonight i'm really really in mood, but i feel a little bit Sad , because of my sister , Going back to KL,
yeah , its make me more worried bout him, because SHE is pregnant and almost 9 month already :o
thats why everyone worried about She ,
yaa , next month she will come to S A B A H again but , its a long time bha , i can't bear,
i too Miss Her ,

and i was hoping she online and read my Blog 
thats a sad feel, 
today i'm in mood BECAUSE i have move on to forget about HIM , and i success ,
thats make me so happy, yeah i need to go on  more , to make he forget about me too, thats why i really2 happy, 
and i was hoping for next year i'm not in same class with him at tuition centre, not in school because my school is only Girl, and HIS school only boy, [SEPARATE ALREADY]
SO, i was very very hope that HE not in same class with Me , 
even though HE took S C I E N C E stream, :]] 
and i really really Hope ! 
and third why i'm in mood, 
because , i've choose a very GREAT decision to GO ON ,so i HOPE i'm not regret with my decision 

maybe thats all for tonight , 
assalamualaikum ,

#mayB for the next Post about Language , MAYBE ok,  


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