Assalamualaikum. ! Hola, yes definitely today i'm have a very much precious time . so i just use this time for updating some story and definitely happy because the examination is GONE . gone gone the exam is gone .

let me ask you guys, YEAH EXACTLY YOU who read this post.
i'm just asking so don't be so sensitive about this things. guys,
okay it is love trouble or sweetest ? well so dumb to me because i never know about this funny little thing/
you know why because i never facing this matter.
i have some story to be shared which is my friend story.
well she has a boyfriend and definitely her boyfriend is like sulk with her, so for me it is okay for boy very like sulk to girl? and yeah everytime my friend ask my help to top-up her a credit. and yess it is true and she paid me back but it is trouble me. sometimes i feel that falling in love or having a relationship such a wasteful. because everything is so impoortant and there so much problem that you need to solve and think about.
Like my ms Marl said, we are underage girl, why you need involve yourself into this matter ? while your education matter is not solve yet. sometimes i felt that the most scary things for me is FALLING IN LOVE OR HAVING A RELATIONSHIP.
yes i cannot deny to you the readers, because exactly i ever falling in love which is a one sided love. and after that i'm very careful because i don't want the same mistake at the past is repeated . and yeah i'm so SERIK with this situation and from that i'm learn that i'm underage and yeah it is very hurt my pride when facing that guy because that is me the only one who love him. so i decided never falling in love because there is no sweetest with this things it is just a TROUBLE comes one by one . so for me LOVE IS TROUBLE it is FITRAH when you are falling in love but, it is still UNDERAGE . wait until you get what you want and give the happiness to your parents then you involve yourself into relationship. but i didn't have any right to force you don't make any relationship but it is up to you because you have your mind and you can think it well so for me love is trouble and what is your opinion ??
i end the entry here because my stomach suddenly starving again so any new story i will updates as soon as possible .
Assalamualaikum. :)


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