Assalamualaikum ? apa khabar ? sihat ?
me ? hihihihi terima kasih sebab caring, yes i'm very in fine and good condition.
hey guys today wesak day right ?
so it's holiday to all the workers and for the student HAPPY HOLIDAY buddy,

i know this is the moment student wait because no need to get up early for going to school, no need to worry all the school matter especially me :)
why ? well, i'm a busy person when i'm at home know why ? because i need go for duty "PREFECT"
i need rush to done all the homework given, i am a rusher person when it comes to school .
so the holiday trip start .
i'm doing nothing at home just clean up the room, home, wathing movies, date with 10 subject killer, wathing RUNNING MAN and did stupido things and all the activity only t home, definitely at home.
hurmm what about you guys ? going anywhere this holiday ?
well, just be careful when you at your holiday trip because nowadays so much criminal cases happen. 
and don't forget Allah when you are enjoying your Trip. k 
hurmm, i'm updates in the middle night because i had to waiting all the family members sleep first then i'm going start updates some story here. well I'm such a person doesn't like asking and being asked from someone. and definitely i really dislike talkative person, which is NON-STOP talking . 
so maybe that's all for now, any new story will be UPDATES as soon as possible, 

with love,
Hazwani :)


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