Favourite :)

Assalamualaikum, Hello there, I'm back i'm just go for a minute. going for eat, but now i'm back with a story .
it is really story ? No no no i'm mistake that is not my story but just wanna tell you something.
favourite ? yes my favourite .
could you imagine what i am talking about ? i think it is nonsense but still wanna tell you guys.
i just wanna share with you my favourite teacher.

this is the two GEORGEOUS teacher that i have ever meet

that is the first one and yeah the other one is 
the teacher beside me wear pink colour shirt. 

i feel very lucky to found this georgeous teacher . because yeah because of them i know how to calculate maths and speak correctly in english. LOVE THEM MUCH MUCH . *sorry still broken english*
the teacher wore pink colour shirt is my mathematics teacher during standard 6 and yeah my homeroom teacher as well. 
the teacher at the first one which is stand on RED CARPET . is my english teacher at SMK CONVENT ST CECILIA. yes her english very beautiful ^^, i'm very like the way she speaks . and the way she teach us . it is just some of my friend teasing her and yeah very dislike her. but for me she is the AWESOME teacher that i have ever meet. i never meet English teacher like her before. that is why i love her as my teacher and yeah same goes to my teacher Juanita. 
Oooooopss almost forgot. 
the pink colour shirt : her name is Dayang juanita or we call her teacher juanita.
the teacher stand on red carpet :  her name is Marlina Ghanie . 
okay that's all . only this two teacher that georgous in my eye and yeah definitely EXTREMELY beautiful in their way .
P/S : *Dear teacher sorry i'm taking your picture without your knowing . so sorry* 

Assalamualaikum. :)


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