Mulakan entry kali ini dengan Lafaz kalimah Agung, semoga yang membaca terus sihat, dan jika sakit menemukan kesembuhan yang Hakiki. Allahumma Ameen 💕

Entry kali ini tidak berat sangat, hanya bertajuk SOCMED: Social Media. (incase you don't know socmed stand for what)

There's come a question across my mind in early morning like this,

'How would you understands one's Life when you only go through their socmed'

Well, for sure 100% nobody wants to share their real life in their socmed. I am sure and guarantee bout that.

The real life Vs Socmed 2 different world. Well, it is really possible for you to share your own 'Main'problem through socmed fight me. Unless you are going to share those happiness bout your life that others don't have.

You said you know everything and understand more about people. But Im tellin you, you only go through their socmed and claim you knew everything, the truth is you know nothing about them. 😌

Know nothing at all. It is better if you go ask them hey whatsup, hows bout your life? And so on so fort rather than go through their SOCMED and proudly said

'I AM UNDERSTAND YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE' this is so poyo statement. I told you guys 💁

Nobody will share their own life with others people lagi lagi for one world know. Socmed is only a medium that somebody potray to show everything that they have instead of what the real things they face it to the real world. Fight me. We always look at socmed how happier the married couple but, we never know what is going on with their relationship they might be happy infront of the camera but never when the camera turns off.

So, guys never claimed yourself know everything bout your partner, bout your friend or whoever it is because you never do unless you living with them, ask them whats going on and not just go through their socmed. 😉

I guess this is the short entry that I have sepanjang berblog.

So till next catch up


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