Lately I'm feel nervous when I'm registered I mean apply UPU. I donno why. I am form 6 student. And in arts flow.
I'm in love to take "Built Enivronment" courses. and I also would like to pick Language and Linguistic courses.

Once I choose the the linguistic course, there's a few person said;

"Betul mau ambil course linguistik?"
"belajar bahasa pun susah ini kan lagi mau ambil itu."
"what is the career for that course"
"konfem lah di pilih sebab nda banyak saingan"
"Biasanya orang pilih sebagai pilihan terakhir di upu"
"Peluang kerja tipis."

and etc.
But kalau ambil course yang x di minat pun sama juga bohongnya kan?
I was like, It is my future. I want to be what I wanna be,

and why everybody want to interrupt with my hobby, interested and so on.

But surely I still zero knowledge about Language and Linguistic. But there's a few review I read and makes me wanna know more about this,

Dear my lovely readers, if you guys, have some experienced with this course, or have some knowledge please inform me, and lemme know what course is this and the profession after graduate later.

with full of love,


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