1 out of 3

fellas, I'm back.

I donno why recently I'm active at blog, and I donno why.

this few weeks, were heavy week for me and with homework, plus coursework, plus tired, plus not enough sleep.

and today have been so long day with no sleep since yesterday and now, I still can post something here. *Acah acah kuadddd*

and the moment make me happy all day for today is, my Semester 1 coursework (maths m) finally done. I was grateful and thankful that 1 out of 3 my coursework just done. Next for PA coursework continue with Maths M again for semester 2.

I know it is really tough and rough life that I've choose. So I just have to bear it. Only for this year.

Because I believe myself, I told to myself "I CAN DO IT" till i really make it. Just believe yourself.

mang betul ah senior dan akak-akak aku cakap, "Tak kuat mental dan fizikal jangan cuba-cuba masuk form 6 sebab sangat tough dan rough." so I've felt what you guys felt before. Sangat susah nak dapat masa untuk dibuang-buang for lepak-ing, hang out, or what so ever activity. it is not like before. everything changed.

to those Junior who like to study form 6. I encourage you ambil form 6. it is better than other cuma mental dan fizikal kena kuat ja. Harga pun murah.

yang masih berkepit bawah ketiak parents pun okay juga. because still stay with parents. pisah awal-awal dengan parents nanti Hiraeth pula.

So whatever decision that you guys made, think and decide carefully. It is about your future.

so I think we shall meet again in next entry,
so tatatititutu... sleeppp timeeeeeeee

with full of love,


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