Assalamualaikum you guys, well it's been a long time not posting something here, after all the battle have settled down.
so, first thing I want to ask, how are you guys?
being well? Alhamdulillah.

Okay I've worry so many things since the battle(SPM) is over. I donno why.
I already prepared for PLKN, well I'm the first intake. but since the Doctor doesn't allowed me going there, because of my condition. So Dr Redza wish come true. Hahaha! 'so doctor you promise me until 24/12/2014 for my M.c result. I admit it it's my fault because "PONTENG MAKAN UBAT" hahaha.'  
but now I'm confuse. Very confuse, after 24/12/2014 if the result is -ve, shall I just "LAPOR DIRI" direct to my KEM or isi lagi borang permohonan kemasukan semula?

anyone know about this thing? if yes please drop down your comment ;))

so, I got to go. see you guys in my upcoming post. because I'm so busy with brotha wedding. Hope to see again.
keep in touch.

Cik Bunga. :D


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