Assalamualaikum and A very pleasant evening to you guys. How are you? Being well? So don't forget to say "ALHAMDULILLAH"

Dearest readers yang dihormati. did you guys ever been Scolding by someone that very important to your life? If yes then how it feel?

I just don't get what is my wrong? People keep scolding me since last night. the 3 first people scolding with me without no reason.
so for the truth, i am a girl which doesn't like being scold by anyone without REASON!

the first person scolding to me is my hero, eventhough this is not the first time but still i am very very very sad with he because so sudden scold to me and i was like -_-. He is one of my hero (Kunun) lah. buthe scold me tiba-tiba then i whisper to myself, "SABAR. JANGAN NANGIS"

then when i came out from my room, suddenly my second hero scold to me and start blabbering. Talk nonsense and yesh! i still said to myself "SABAR. JANGAN NANGIS"

So the KEMUNCAK ORANG yang tengking-tengking aku ni one of the part of my life guide. Well i call my pradss and he answering with a very FIERCE VOICE, and i donno what maybe something happen to he and his sis and i am the one yang ditengking. Gosh this time i cannot tell myself "SABAR. JANGAN NANGIS" as i heard his sound like Scold to me and i was like "What happened?" what happened today why everyone scold to me? I JUST DON'T GET IT.
Sorry lah hati aku bukan batu yang korang boleh suka-suka nak tengking without alasan yang kukuh.

aku pun manusia yang punya hati dan ingin di hargai. What i cannot accept in this situation is, 3 LELAKI tengking aku pada masa yang sama. so in my point, "THIS IS HOW THEY TREAT THEIR GIRL LATER? WHEN ANGER IS OVERLOADING INTO THE HEAD?" tell me.

so in the end, after kemuncak one makin me mad, then terus Air mata laju berderai membasahi pipi ku yang cengkung ini. HMMMPPP.

dan aku pun memang nak leleh juga lah bila ingat balik.
Aku ni orang yang susah sikit nak ubat hati yang luka. bila orang tengking aku tanpa sebab aku pun sakit hatilah rasa nak maki hamun pun ada. so its took time nak sembuhkan balik hati aku yang luka ni. so in other words, aku masih sakit hati dengan tengkingan maut diorang tuu.


With Love,
Cik Julai.


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