I'm sorry

Assalamualaikum, readersss. ! :P
thanks for always support me to updates something here. *Big Applause*
Mama ira mesti baca ni kan kan kan ! kau kan penceroboh Blog org :P hahahaha. teruskan membaca palekk.
okay, readers sekalian, i have something to share with you but first follow these few step.

1) press the button pause (moustache symbols) on my scm music player.
2) read this post back.
3) can you see the the video from you tube i shared ?
4) if yes press play button and watch the movie .
. DONE ? Excellent !!
so whats i'm gonna talk about SORRY is, Saying sorry is doesn't reduce your status at all. no matter you are wrong or on roght place, but still we have to say SORYY. cause what ? people can die in each minutes, or each second in other words, people die anytime. only Allah knows when we are die. so what's the matter you say sorry to everyone, maybe we are do mistake but we are not realize.

malu ? whats the point saying about sorry and you shame ?
if you are not brave enough to face to face or shame, you can say sorry in so many way. for an example
- write letter, through message, through facebook,twitter,blogger or anything else, that suit to deliver your Sorry.
its good enough saying sorry through letter, fones or whatsoever when you realize you did something wrong, then not saying sorry at all. padahal sedar dia buat salah. it will be shameless derrr.
so I AM SORRY if i tersalah taip, tersalah cakap tersindir(Walaupun tiada niat menyindir), yang semua ter ter ter lah ba, sama ada secara zahir mahupun batin atau pun secara sengaja mahupun tidak sengaja.

so i think that's all i wanna share for now, because my biology homework is calling to make date with Bio. so,
GTG guys,

Assalamualaikum. ! *Winkwink*
Cik Hazwani


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