My Short Autobiography (II)


After quite long time, I used to speak in english with my friend and increase my self-esteem to speak english with my teacher.

I put too much effort for my english and I got the grades that I want during SPM. It is an A. It is worth for me and also reward for me.

After SPM I continue my studies to form 6 level which is very hard level to finish the game. we have MUET and 3 semester with Coursework that need to be done and not to forget the presentation that always make me shaking all time. But guess what, I manage to end the 3 semester very well also managed to get band 4 for my MUET even though it is not the band that I target.


Look we must be grateful for what we have rite?

during Muet classes I never focus. I sleep and even cheating for paper 3 reading. Not to forget I never complete 100% my work. because all we do is wrote back the text and practices that given by the teacher However I still got higher band 4 for my english.

what i have done to get this band is,

- I read english magazine lots. I read Reader's Digest lot. because this magazine contain lots of words that rarely used in our life. and also it is educational magazine. You may read other english magazine too but, I'm suggesting Reader's Digest.

- for listnening, I used any english song listen it without using earphones and jot down the lyric that I've heard. any kind of song. This method will help you to hear clearly what the lyric said, or even the instructor.

- Writing section, as always read writing books and highlight the main point. It will help you to think creatively during examination.

-Speaking. As always we must nervous talk in english because we care too much bout our grammars mistake. at this section your confident level must higher to achieved a good band. plus, to speak fluently, just sing english song repeatly and practice speak with teacher, friends, relatives or anyone you can practice with.

forget and ignore the people who always bad mouthing you. They just jealous you getting used with english language.

And now, I have 6 month of holiday. this is insane but its time for "Cuti cuti Malaysia."

I need to wait my result to come out. After all the effort I put too much, I hope God give me reward for my effort. Ameen.

"Usaha, Doa, Tawakal" ~ InshaAllah.

with love,


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