tonight i'm going to wrote 2 post.and this is the second one.

one of my idol is Faiz Dickie.

i bet everyone know about him and curious why i chose him as one of my idol.

the reason is because of his parody. I am love and enjoying watching his parody and stupid ass thing he did for his video to impress other people. I'm totally in love with the way he impressing other through his ideo. Futhermore I'm more impress when know he study at University of Sussex. Ain't it wonderful thing?

Biarpun perangai dia dalam video sakai, lucu comedian but i really bet he has a good personality. because he good at study and good when impressing people through his funny video with banon, naabella, kak leha and cik yam.

He is just too awesome after all.

can you imagine, genius student act like stupid making stupid video and impressing people like me with his good personality?

Think. anyway, thank you faiz dickie for impressing me through your funny video ever after. I hope you will impress people more and lots.

#VillagePeople, #FaizDickie #OneOfIdol.



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