today title was a little bit rude and sensitive.

no. i post this things just want to make all the readers think and "MUHASABAH DIRI BERSAMA_SAMA."

sometimes, you need to be alone and  refreshing what is inside your mind after all. remembering the thoughts and joy. between all the family members friends and teachers then you realise they actually nothing for you. yeap.

like a coin. different front and back side. well said, we are human being. just an ordinary human being, did mistakes sometimes wrong but people like judging fast as lightning. We have a problem. everybody does have a problem. just a different way and different way of they thinking to handle it. some people cry, some people eat, some people enjoy movie or what so ever people or  human being can do to handle it.

in hospitality, it is you responsibility to take care of your patient in treatment. you should get double extra GOOD treatment from he hospital. doesn't matter you are using NGO or Gov services. everyone has a right to get a bettertreatment. not RUDE TREATMENT.

don't just because all the workers, I mean nurse, doctor cleaner or kakitangan hospital is older than us or should i said LEBIH BIJAK, PANDAI dari kita they can climb on our heads. NO. it is all about attitude. just because you are older you become rude to the younger. just because you are intelligent, berEDUCATION, pandai, belajar tinggi-tinggi, but rude to people yang ilmunya ibarat buih d lautan dan kamu yang bijak pandai? Ibaratnya hanya SETITIS AIR DI LAUTAN LUAS.

so what the differences? people do mistake. nobody perfect. maybe the patient is wrong, not following your advice regarding to dosage drugs that old lady to tak it, but no need to shout to them or curse them "MATILAH MAKCIK NI NDA LAMA". yes i understand how stress doctor and nurse facing their work, but the patient stress seeing your face evertime for appointment. that is the one thing.

Another one, why you don't just do your work for your HALAL INCOME? your salary is pay for you to do your job properly without cursing people and becoming rude person. Oh please, come to your sense lah. the traveller person did't stick to one place. If you don't want to do the check up, just tell the patient nicely.

perlu ka kau cakap "Ketawa-ketawa dia situ tapi dia nda sedar dia sudah menyusahkan orang. kau tahukah kau menyusahkan orang?"

i know you are nurse. okay nurse yang berpengalaman. Old nurse yang sudah tua, you know older talk like that to 18 years old teenager yang panas dia memang baran. So bila si 18 years old girl menjawab kau boleh pula ckp menjawab and cakap rude. i heard you said "Kau menyusahkan kami" for few times. I want curse you, but then i remember Allah. Allah always with patience people. i know someday, someone would talk with you like that. exactly the same phrase you told that 18 years old girl. Life like a wheel. now you at the top, someday you may at the below. What you give, you get back sis.

As you know, you is nurse. please wake up and realise what is you responsibility other than givng a better treatment to the patient? Watch your attitude because that 18 years old girl, learning from you.

sometimes, work in hospital kinda scary though.

change mind becoming engineering. because them make me scared after all.

Last but not least, to people yang kerja di hospital, i donno you guys ada masa or not baca this stupid entry, but if you do, please remind yourself about your responsibility, because your attitude affect your work and it may turns your salary into "HARAM" sebab?

The way you treat pesakit macam anjing. "ATTITUDE"
Respect other, and you will be respected.

What you give you get back.!



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