It's Hurt People :')

Assalamualaikum . :)
I'm try to smile even i can't did it .
how are you ? yess i'm fine. I hope you same. i wanna ask you guys. but just answer it by yourself .
Mostly DON'T CHEAT .
yeahh . Have you ever talk about SOMEONE behind them ? or maybe just pretend you wanna be nice with them .
did you ever do ??
definitely YESS right . We are not perfect ba . Same goes to me .  I have did this thing before . well not so easy to forgot those memory . Yeahh did you ever felt what the person feel when you talked about them behind them and pretend to be nice with them . yeahh exactly I had feel it . 
and it is VERY HURT guys, VERY hurt . I don't know what exactly n your mind when you are talking about other PERSON behind them . YOU DON'T FEEL WHAT THEY FEEL, so you feel enjoy when yu talk about them . 
Guys, Nobody perfect in this world ba. you should remind this to YOURSELF. 
STOP TALKING ABOUT OTHER . you not perfect either . we all just same . nothing can change that FACT .so please STOP it . IT is Hurt PEOPLE .don't you think t is a SIN ?? 
so PLEASE . stop it . Maybe Now you are happy when talking bad about someone . BUT I BELIEVE one day YOU CAN FEEL WHAT they FEEL when you TALKING bad about them . It is Just SOON or Later .  i just can say
""you don't know what the person feel when you are talking behind them, but one day you can feel it too .  ''''
I BELIEVE IN KARMA . so guys it is not only you to stay at the TOP someday you will be at the LOWEST places which is tempat yang mereka rasa sekarang. yang begitu teruk keadaannya  . *BROKEN ENGLISH(SORRY)* 
so i just wanna remember all of you who is read this ENTRY.
thats all thank you :) assalamualaikum . 


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