Omma Saranghae



Akhirnya dapat meluangkan masa sekejap untuk meluah apa yang terbuku dalam hati. Elakkan diri daripada Depressed.

Omma Saranghae.

Did you ever feel, how tired your mom when she stay at home do all the house works, prepare your food. taking care of you and other siblings, it is really tiring. I've feel it. It is hard. And I believe, those women outside there, whoever become Omma already, you must have difficult time in raising you children. am I right?

being baby sitter is not simple as we thought. Not easy as what we see. I have experience, taking care of my niece. A very naughty kids ever. Then, I realise, how hard my mother have raising me in past 18 years.

I've experience about doing the housework all alone. it was hard and such freaking tiring. And I ask myself. How tough my Omma, do all the housework all alone everyday every month and every hours. it is hard it is quite challenging. So woman are really tough. Tough than we never expect. :((

So, I spread my love only for Omma. Saranghaeyo Omma. Chincha Saranghae. :))



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