New Life



I'm back with new freshy story. That I like to share with you guys.

I'm choose form 6 instead of any other college, university or even matriculation.

So, My new school SMK DPG for short. and I don't think you guys should now the long long long long name of that school.

this school, totally new for me. because of the environment really challenging me. The people there, teachers.

So I got maths Management packages. the subject are in the moderate state. not too hard, not too easy. but i believe, wherever we study, nothing easy. It is just us, how we conduct ourselves to achieve excellent for this term 1.

No time to playing around. but still I'm nagging here wrote asdfghjkl story.

those, my juniors, yang next year don't get any offers to further study in anywhere, just come to Pre-U. you will totally like it. And it is simple, cheaper and moderate state. it is a step to university. So don't worry. Form ^ are better than the others. trust me.

So, tomorrow, got kokum day, and i will participate in Badminton games.

So, should I'm stop wrote asdfghjkl story here. Will continue later on.

p/s: To those, who blogwalking me, thank you very much. I do reply your visit right now. but maybe a a silent reader. and not to mention in your shoutbox or comment box.

but during 2 weeks holiday, i will try ma best to Spam you guys. Watch out!!



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