Mid Sem Break!


Assalamualaikum and hello kuddos. how are you?

Mid Sem break just started and I would like to spent some times here after been so long time hiatus.

Semester 2 of year 1 and its April now!,

I guess I manage to handle my homesickness that never endless. Homesick started right away after three days not in my own home.
Choosing living far away from my family wasn't the best choice ever. Even though I want to learn more in others country. But now I am regretting my choice.

Live far away from your own home, start to manage your own time, your own class your routine every morning till the midnight, and sometimes it sucks.

sometimes the pressure really hit on the nail. Maybe because of few factors like your own roomates or housemate. Its a battle for me to face every one of them with different kind of attitude that sometimes give me an headache, stress and made me become bad woman.

I just can't wait to end this semester and get new room after this and hoping not seeing people that always hurt me every time. I wonder, where my old spirit gone, because I do really need it right now.


pray for Wani, pray hard for me so I can bear for another 2 months here before Semester Break start.



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