Wonderful 2017


Stealing my time for update something here after been a while. Since I am also feeling so not well while preparing for my finals this tuesday. #prayforwani

Alhamdulillah Done with 365 day for 2017, I have lot of fun and joy for whole of the year. I felt blessed and grateful for everything since I achieved lot of things in 2017 same just like my 2016.

Lets recap few highlight moment in 2017;

1. Holiday with family.

I do really enjoy all the time spent with my family. Holiday in Sabah and KL. Not really an vacation but short escape. I felt blessed, since it is hard for my family member to gather even in Eidulfitri or Eid-Adha it is really hard. 
and last year where all of us can spend the time together, fasting together and celebrate Raya together after been a while.

2. Good Grades

Good grades doesn't define your intelligence, yet good grades makes your love ones happy to the max and of course make yourself happy and proud. Because you know your hard work are paid with good grades, your sleepless night and leisure time are paid also! 

3. Offers from UA

yet, Continue your study in any University doesn't mean you already success in your life, but again make yourself proud and make your sleepless night paid off. For sure to make yourself proud you can do it and look at where you are now. 

4. Meet new friend from different state in Malaysia.

making friend means you can suit yourself in new environment and new place. What a great friend along this semester, meet the great senpai and yet great lecture. The environment fits me well, even though there's time where I felt left out and felt homesick 'yang terukkkk' but then I managed to hold till now. 

5. Make my parents proud of me. 
After all the ups and downs, after being through all the obstacle I manage to make my parents proud with me with my good grades, manage to get myself into university and love them more than anything in this world. 
p/s: the 2 small little kids are not my younger sisters and brothers, but they are my niece and nephew. 

That's all for 2k17 which bring much fun to me. Let's count more months to go for this 2k18 which life-wishlist, I will fulfill. 

with love xoxo,
Cik Wa


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