My Short Autobiography (I)


Born in 1997 and grew up in a Malay-language-speaking family in sub-urban area in Sandakan Sabah called Kampung Muhibbah. In 2001, we move to  a new neighbourhood area I used to live till right now, Tinosa 2. I entered kindergarten in 2003 at Kampung Muhibbah and moved to Sk. Sg Anib III in 2004 and later I entered SM. Convent St Cecilia Secondary School in 2010 and completed my secondary education in 2014.

I could still remember vividly how my interest towards English began. In 2004, My twinnies elder sister who just complete their STPM and achieved a good result in their examination especially in their MUET. I was frankly do not know what is MUET exactly that time and all I know just to play around. What make me more wonder, they never speak In Bahasa whenever they talked each other except with my parents.

But in 2012,  I was 15 years old. But Still very "stupid" with english Subject. All I knew that time those basic words; 'Hello, hi, morning, evening, stop, Thank You and etc' until the day my Elder sister teach me English subject. It was a shame! I do not know anything and can't understand when she try to talk to me. Imagine guys, a 15 years old girl know nothing about English.

It was a Shame!

Since then I was determined and motivated to learn the language plus that time I'm having PMR examination and never get an B for this Language.

"Sesame Sreet" my number one favourite television programme as I learnt a lot of useful vocabulary from watching it. Same with the Mikey Mouse Club House that I'm still watching at this age. well just because I love cartoon so much. Not to forget the "Ellen Show" that I enjoy watched with Malay subs. But then I try very hard to watch the shows without Malay Subs.

All I remember I watched all those English television programme without Malay Sub. and try to be a good friend with Dictionary. And Alhamdulillah I got what I want in PMR examination and continued in SPM in 2014.

One of my secret tips good in English and writing essay is a song. I can tell ya, my 3 pieces of Pnrive with 36gb storage contain only english song until came some part when I try to singing with my friends and know nothing about Malay Song especialy that kind of evagreen song. But Evagreen English song I used to sing it and definitely memorize all the lyrics especially a song from Maroon 5 which an indie band that I adore much. *XOXO*

While my secret tips good in speaking is trying to sing an english song much and practise infront the mirror all those weird words and definitely try to have some courage to speak in english with my Twinnies elder sister and my teacher of course.

To be Continued ...


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