Soon or Later

apa khabar? Harapnya baik-baik seja ya. jangan lupa ucap Alhamdulillah atas nikmat yang telah di berikan tidak putus-putus setiap minit saat dan Jam. "Alhamdulillah"

makin nak spm, makin galak pula perangai kengkawan kan.. apa booleh buat dah itu jalan yang diorang pilih.
sometimes aku terbayang in future, Even i got craziest buddy, prads friend and Best best best friend ever, could i get the same like them?
I'm just miss them already. Only in 3 weeks then we will facing the real Biggest examination. and in between 3 weeks, we will seperate. Go out from school and having own life. Neither being alone, run away or anything.

The moment eating maggie 5 packets with Nabilah and Izza never thrown out from my brain. It is really really unforgotten.
Sleep together with nabilah and Izza as we arrived at my home. and I wonder can I do this again after the SPM?
Having lunch together. Eat the Sambal until perut pedas. Langgar all the pantang that we should follow. Ahhh I miss that moment already.

iF and only if i can rewind the time, I will never fast forward to the next scene. hmm.

I even miss having lepaking with Juita after balik from school in 2 years ago. But once she did unforgotten bitter memory I can't stand with her anymore but still I do keep her as my one of the bestfriend.

I will miss the way we having fun at my home. Great moment for this year. I do still remember the day when we are arranged video for "Pertandingan Liga kreatif." fun guys. it just some of moment in my year book that permanently stick can't be throw out and can't be erase. Too sweet even terselit the bitter. 

still I miss you boy. I miss the way we talk like in 4 years ago. On call do bad things. Staying together at Balin and The Boss. it just a great. I'm just too miss you. I mean our friendship. I don't wan you back. But I want the memory playing again and again. I'm lose to your game. I still can't forget you. I still remember the perfect two song you sing for me through the phone. Ain't it's just too over sugar?
seriously. I'm lose. still My heart for you and I can't open it for someone else. Too bad right? hmmp. 
I hope you're fine there. And having a great moment with your loves one and good luck for SPM babe!

life too short. Time flies so fast and still i can't endure with my feeling. Hmmp. Family problems friend problem SPM problem. Can I just have a better life before i go to my Real Examination days?

I'm still wondering could i have a great friend like Massess, jenny, Marie, Nabilah and Izza in future? Laughing over the moon while studying Addmaths. Laughing when having lunch together. Still happy with forcing each other to exchanges the blog url's. Skip tuition class together. Ain't too fun guys? 
or i just like to dreaming? I just don't realise we grow up together. Being matured and Immatured sometimes. Being childish. Don't you think it's a great moment? 

we still have a long journey need to continued until we achieve for what we want. It's never too late if we want to success as we remember Him(Creator). I just don't want anything but i just hope to meet you guys in future. Even in another 20/30 years later. I still hope I have the opportunity to meet you guys and rewind the memory back together. A very Best of Luck for You guys in achieving own ambitious. I do always wish the best for you guys. 

I can't stand for my pedas eye and Sleepy head. I should take a nap and having a very good rest before rushing for the SPM. 
Manage the emotion and don't to forget "Jaga" Our relationship To Allah then to our "Loves one." then to our friend and at last to our family. Especially to our Lovely Parents.

End here,
Salam Sayang,.
Cik Bunga_Ms Flower. :))


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